The best flowers for bouquets and their names

Flowers are always used to create a festive mood. If a young man is going to go on a first date, then without a bouquet of fresh flowers he will lose in the eyes of his girlfriend. And what kind of celebration is complete without flower arrangements ?! Composing bouquets, choosing flowers for them is a whole science. It is not difficult to study it, then you can delight loved ones, loved ones with original flower arrangements, guided by your taste and knowledge.

In the 18th - 19th centuries, every educated person knew the language of flowers. Composing compositions from buds, inflorescences, one could declare his love, express his benevolence, swear fidelity. And in our time, making a bouquet for various life events, they pick flowers so that a person, having accepted an offering, feels a kind attitude towards himself.


Flowers for a wedding bouquet: how to choose

 how to choose

One of the most important events - a wedding celebration is unthinkable without bouquets. They are not only in the hands of the bride, groom, but also serve as a decoration of the hall, the house of the newlyweds. Most often in wedding compositions there are the same types of flowers that speak of love, fidelity, purity of feelings:

  • Without roses not a single bouquet does. The queen of the garden in pale pink, red colors is perfect for the bride's look. The freshness of the buds pleases for a long time.
  • Noble ones look sophisticated in a bouquet calla lilies... Together with roses, they can keep fresh for a long time. They look great together with orchids. Calla lilies are varied in color - from snow-white to lilac, dark cherry.
  • Orchids became popular only recently, but a bouquet of them, despite the fragility of the flower, looks fresh for a long time.
  • To the fragile lilies must be treated with care, otherwise the petals will darken when broken. The variety of varieties allows you to combine flowers in contrasting shades with each other.
  • Resilience, endurance chrysanthemums appreciated when decorating the premises of newlyweds. Flowers are used in wedding ceremonies all year round. To create the volume of bouquets, it is better to choose a bush form of chrysanthemum.
  • Gerberas firmly endure lack of water, do not fade when in the cold. They look great in combination with other colors and in mono compositions. Gerberas of bright colors will be able to spice up the bridal bouquet, white and pastel colors - a romantic touch.
  • To combine the important elements of the bouquet into a harmonious whole, use gypsophila... Small white or red flowers of the plant will give the desired background to the composition, highlight the beauty of the main parts of the bouquet. Gypsophila with roses looks especially interesting.
  • The bride looks romantic with a bouquet of tulips, white species are especially popular for celebration. For contrast, the bouquet is decorated with ribbons and accentuated with greenery. For tulips, they choose a neighborhood of lilies, calla lilies, roses.

When choosing flowers for a wedding bouquet, it is necessary to take into account the character of the bride, the features of her appearance, even the style of the dress.

What flowers are suitable for making bouquets as a gift

What flowers are suitable for making bouquets as a gift

It is necessary to select flowers for a gift for any event, taking into account who it will be presented to. Knowing the taste of the hostess of the house where they go to the celebration, it is necessary to take it into account when drawing up a bouquet. Strangers are presented with a composition purchased in a store. It is even good to send it in advance by courier.

Which flowers are better:

Flowers for bouquets are grown in their own flower beds or purchased in a store. It is not considered bad taste to give one flower, but it must be large.

Rules for making bouquets of fresh flowers

Rules for making bouquets of fresh flowers

You can arrange a composition of fresh flowers, observing a number of rules:

  • First, prepare the tools, attributes that are necessary to fix the plants in a bouquet. You will need pruning shears, scissors to carefully cut the plant. It is better to secure the stems with tape, wire, pins, using a glue gun.
  • Cut the stems at an angle in the early morning. After that, be sure to place the plants in a vase of water.
  • The composition does not take many varieties of flowering plants or only buds.
  • To compose a bouquet begins with the choice of the shape of the bouquet and the number of flowers.
  • In the lower part of the composition, bright and large inflorescences are placed, and on top - small, delicate shades.
  • For a round bouquet, all flowers are evenly spaced, heads out.
  • The one-sided version is characterized by the direction of flowers with different stem lengths to one side.
  • It is not worth pressing plants close to each other.
  • Compatible in bouquets with each other lilies of the valley and forget-me-nots, roses and lilies.
  • The bouquet will quickly fade if it contains daffodils, lilies of the valley, sweet peas.
  • Enhances the aroma of lily of the valley and its durability by a twig jasmine.
  • A geranium stalk will keep the bouquet fresh for a long time.
  • Orchids do not like to coexist with other flowers. The same applies to a carnation, a rose.

Arrangement of bouquets should be thoughtful and tasteful.

How to make a bouquet of dried flowers

How to make a bouquet of dried flowers

Arrangements of dried flowers help to cheer up in winter as a memory of the past summer. A feature of the compositions is their long-term preservation. But it takes longer to prepare bouquets of dried flowers than fresh ones.

Suitable for composing compositions:

The most common method of drying plants is herbarium. By placing the stems with buds and leaves between the sheets of parchment paper, after a while, a ready-made dried flower is obtained. You can place the plants in a vase without water for drying, or hang them in bunches in a well-ventilated area. Their main enemy is dampness.

Those flowers that have been plucked when they have already begun to lose their vitality, but have not yet wilted, persist longer in a dried form.

Arrangements of dried flowers are made in different ways. To place bouquets in a vase, a block of foam is placed on the bottom of it and flower stems are stuck into it. You can simply tie the flowers with silver wire and hang the bouquet. An elegant colored ribbon made of fabric or paper will look graceful on the composition. The rules for composing compositions from dried flowers are the same as from living plants.

Original bouquets of flowers, fruits, sweets

Original bouquets of flowers, fruits, sweets

A bouquet of fruits can be a surprise for family and friends. It is most often created from pineapple, melons, peaches, apples, tangerines... The main condition is the freshness of the food.Since various shapes will be cut from the fruit pulp, it should not be too juicy. Banana it will also not look in a gift arrangement, since when cut, it quickly turns black.

Berries look original on skewers grapescut from pineapple flowers with a center of apricot... You can string berries strawberry, as a material for flower petals use kiwi or a melon. To keep the fruit longer, they are dipped in icing or melted chocolate for a few minutes.

To create bouquets of sweets, corrugated paper is used, which is used to shape the bouquet.

To make it stable, it is attached to foam, glued to cardboard or in polyurethane foam. To select the components of the bouquet, different types of sweets are selected. Pieces of marmalade in transparent packaging or unpacked candies look great.

You can decorate original bouquets with live greens, leaves, sprinkled with hot paraffin. It is possible to combine fresh flowers with artificial ones from candies, choosing according to style. But they will not be able to be near the fruit - they will quickly wither.

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