Reproduction of chrysanthemums by cuttings

Chrysanthemums are completely unpretentious plants that can become a real decoration of both a personal plot and a room. Well, just the reproduction of chrysanthemums allows you to breed these simple and such beautiful flowers at the same time as much as necessary to be touched by these flowers.

The easiest way to do this is to propagate chrysanthemums by cuttings. At the same time, the beauty and health of the future plant depends on the chosen mother plant. It is advisable to decide with the "parents" of their future chrysanthemums even during flowering, choosing the most beautiful and lush flowers that are healthy in appearance.

Reproduction of chrysanthemums by cuttings must be done in early spring, while the tubers of the mother plant should be placed in a room - basement or just on the veranda for the winter. Already in January, the mother plants should be planted in fertile soil, kept at a temperature of + 8-10 degrees until the first shoots appear, then the temperature of the content should be slightly increased to +15 degrees. But all this can be done in natural conditions in the spring, as anyone wishes.

When the plant has released shoots, they must be carefully cut off. Before rooting, the stems can be treated with a stimulant based on alpha-naphthylacetic acid and then planted in the soil. Best of all, if it is perlite, or perlite with peat, an admixture of sod land is also allowed. It is necessary to deepen the cuttings of chrysanthemums by no more than 2 cm. It is advisable to cut the lower leaves of the cuttings, and maintain the air temperature at a constant level. Optimal - + 18 degrees. After three weeks, the plant takes root and begins to grow.