Armeria in the photo is a bearded carnation

Now, if you consider any flower with the addition of any antennae, petals or footsteps, you can see a completely different plant, which will be called differently. Armeria in the photo is very similar to a carnation, because it is not without reason that it is also called a bearded carnation, thanks to a fuller bud in capitate inflorescences.

Armeria looks very decorative on any flower bed. This plant belongs to drought-resistant and shade-tolerant, therefore, even without special care, it will grow without problems in abandoned areas.

This plant is quite common in nature, but amateur gardeners are happy to grow armeria in their backyards, pampering it with excessive care and concern. It can be left in the ground for the winter without being covered or hidden indoors.

Armeria reproduces very simply, so if there is not enough time and energy for other plants, then by simply dividing an armeria bush or sowing its seeds, you can easily plant the entire flower bed. Young plants, after dividing the bush, root very quickly and simply, and sometimes they are completely sown throughout the flower bed, which has to be disposed of from abundant sowing.

For growing at home, there are several varieties of armeria - alpine, arctic, Velvich, beautiful, etc. Each armeria in the photo is magnificent and remarkable in its own way, therefore, having seen it once in a photo, in someone's flowerbed or just in nature, you will definitely want to get this plant for yourself, especially since it is not whimsical to care for.