Growing a rose using cuttings

Each of us received beautiful bouquets and always wanted him to delight us with his appearance as long as possible. To grow a rose from a stem from a bouquet, this guide will help, where each step is described in detail.


Roses cuttings methods

Roses cuttings methods

Every gardener has his own growing method plants in your garden or greenhouse. Also cuttings of roses has several basic methods. It's not hard to find a suitable one, the main thing is to know how and where roses will be grown.

The main methods of grafting:

  • Burito's method. There are no clear instructions for growing roses from cuttings using this method. A few useful tips - prepare stalks 15-20 cm long and treat them with growth preparations. After this procedure, the roses must be wrapped in damp paper and kept in a dark place at a temperature not exceeding 18 degrees Celsius. Rooting occurs in less than 50% of attempts.
  • Rooting cuttings in the summer. For rooting, cuttings are taken from a young plant, which is just beginning to bloom or from a faded shoot. The stalk is cut with a sharp knife at an oblique angle. Then all the prepared cuttings are tied in bunches according to the variety of flowers, placed in a solution for growth. Flowers are planted in the ground at an angle of 45 degrees, covered with a plastic bottle.

Watering the cuttings should be rare, remove the weeds on time and loosen the ground around the plant.

Rooting method of roses in potatoes

  • The method of rooting roses in potatoes. A very simple yet effective method. It consists in the fact that the prepared cuttings are stuck into the potato tubers, after which the potatoes are buried in the ground. Due to the fact that the rose receives all the substances necessary for growth from potatoes, the appearance of roots occurs much faster.
  • Trannois method. The main thing in this method is the correct preparation of the cuttings for rooting. The rose is prepared as follows: cut off the top of the flower, you can cut off a few leaves. When you notice that the buds are swollen, you must immediately cut the cuttings. The best time for this process is June-July, when the first flowering is over. Cuttings are cut 20 cm long and a few top leaves are left. The gardener advises planting the rose in a sunny place. For the best supply of oxygen to the cutting, it is planted at an angle of 45 degrees. The planted stems are covered with a plastic bottle, the top must be shaded with grass or leaves. Leave the bottle until winter, even if leaves appear.
  • Winter cuttings. This method implies that the cuttings of roses are carried out in the fall, before winter. This is tantamount to keeping the roses alive until spring. This method is used if there is a need to preserve this particular type of rose.
  • Rooting method roses in water... Only local types of roses are suitable for this method. Properly prepared cuttings are placed in water. Distilled water is suitable for grafting, but not boiled. Care consists in the timely replacement of water. When the roots appear, roses are planted, as a rule, in a permanent place of growth, cover the shoot with a jar or a plastic bottle.
  • Method of grafting in a package. The method is very simple, but you need a special moss to implement it.Prepared cuttings are placed in prepared moss and placed in a bag. The bag is inflated and tightly tied, then hung on the window, until the first roots are formed. The roots should appear in the third or fourth week. Fog forms in the bag, and therefore moisture, which makes it possible for shoots to grow.

Rooting a rose cut at home

Rooting a rose cut at home

For the rooting process, it is advisable to use "home" roses not brought from other countries. These stems are much easier to grow.

It is worth paying special attention to which cuttings are used - lignified or semi-lignified.

The percentage of growing roses from semi-lignified cuttings is much higher.

Preparation of the cutting for rooting takes place in several stages:

  1. Cut cuttings... The best time for this is the morning hours. The middle part of a semi-lignified stem is suitable for rooting. The suitable length of cuttings for growing roses does not exceed 15 centimeters with a few leaves on it. The cut must be done with a sterile sharp instrument, you can take a blade or a clerical knife. The cut must be done under the buds that have emerged and always remove the lower leaves.
  2. Treatment of cuttings with a growth stimulant. Rose cuttings root better if they are kept in a stimulant solution for a while. Such a solution can be purchased in specialized stores or prepared by yourself at home. Prepare such a solution from honey and water with the addition of live leaves.
  3. Directly planting cuttings... For planting, a specially prepared soil mixture is required. The same amount of turf and humus is poured into the pot. In order to avoid decay of the rose, the soil can be watered with a solution of potassium permanganate. The cuttings are planted several centimeters deep and covered with jars to create a greenhouse effect.
  4. Care of cuttings during growth. Rose pots are best placed in a warm, well-lit place. For the first two weeks, you need to make sure that bright sunlight does not fall on the pots. You can water the cuttings with settled tap water, heated to room temperature. After a month, the cuttings should begin to take root, the first leaves and roots are expected to appear. If this happens, then you can slightly raise the jar so that the plant gets used to the new habitat.

Propagation of roses by cuttings

Propagation of roses by cuttings

If you have a desire to propagate a rose by cuttings, then this can be done quite quickly, within one or two seasons. In order to grow a rose, follow a few rules:

  • Choosing a place. For propagation of cuttings, you will need to find a place in the garden where direct sunlight does not fall, but even then the light could freely penetrate the site.
  • Priming.

The best soil for this process is sand.

In it, cuttings take root quickly and, as a rule, do not rot. Plant roses you need a few centimeters deep. For planting, prepare a hole more than ten centimeters deep, then pour a layer of fertile soil, about 5-7 centimeters, and a layer of sand on top.

  • Greenhouse preparation. For the first wintering of cuttings, it is necessary to insulate the greenhouse, if it is large, then you can simply make heating. A small greenhouse that is specially made for cuttings requires additional plant cover. If a full-fledged bush has formed from a cuttings planted in spring, then by winter you can simply insulate the roots for several seasons in a row.

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Anna user picture

I always wanted to keep the roses I donated, because they are so beautiful. But it never turned out to be done, even if roots appeared, then after transplanting the plant into the ground, it always died.

I bought cuttings of a rose four times and could not grow. In the spring I will try to do as it is written in the article, I hope to grow up.

Goshia avatar

Of course, a rose can be grown from a cutting, but its frost resistance will be very low and such flowers for the winter will need to be well covered. I managed to grow several roses from cuttings, but, only from local flowers, imported roses did not take root.