Growing white roses

White roses are very popular and beloved not only among women, but also among men. Probably every woman dreamed of getting a large bouquet of white roses from a loved one someday. But some people pursue their dreams in a different way. White roses can be grown at home in a flower bed. All varieties of white roses are early, they begin to bloom earlier than all other roses. And caring for them is not so difficult.

White roses in the photo are not a ghostly dream of the average housewife, but a very real thing. Anyone can grow such roses, if only there is desire and patience.

The main condition for the good development and flowering of white roses is a sufficient amount of moisture for growth. If the summer is hot and dry, then the plant should be watered regularly.

Most often, roses suffer from pests - insects. Fighting them is the key to the good development of your plant at home.

It is necessary to plant roses in good, fertile soil. To preserve the decorative appearance, top dressing is necessary. Roses prefer cow dung diluted with water.

Roses are sick with a fungus, in order to eliminate the disease, the bush is treated with a solution of laundry soap.

The most popular variety of white roses is the Ecuadorian Wendella. These are flowers up to 40 to 90 centimeters tall. Persistent enough. Dutch Avalanche is familiar to many rose growers. The variety is a little capricious, but suitable for cultivation in our area. Pascali are long roses with large creamy flowers. They bloom slowly and last long enough.

Weaving roses are also very desirable in flower beds. Iceberg, Mount Shasta and Alba can be grown in our area.

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In general, there are a lot of varieties of white roses. If I decide to grow them, I will immediately plant several species to find out which ones are suitable for my climate.

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Roses are more capricious to the soil than to the climate. If the summer is moderately warm, with sufficient watering and fertilization, the rose will definitely bloom. The size of the flower will only depend on the climate.