Tips from the masters for decorating flower beds in the country

How nice to stay in the country! The summer cottage is especially pleasing to the eye, when everything is blooming and fragrant around. Many flower arrangements grown in country houses are made by the hands of its owners. This serves both as an aesthetic decoration of the house and contributes to the creation of a certain design around it.

To create a beautiful flower garden or an exclusive flower bed, you must try very hard and make every effort to the work performed. But the efforts to design and create beautiful flower beds do not always deserve the attention and admiration of prying eyes. In order to create just such an amazing and unique flower bed, there are several secrets and tricks that should be taken into account by amateur gardeners.


Secrets of the master for creating flower beds and flower beds

Secrets of the master for creating flower beds and flower beds

Before you start creating and decorating a flower garden or flower beds, you should think it over carefully and create a small sketch on paper. Thanks to this, all subsequent actions will be consistent, and there will be no situations when something is forgotten or planted in the wrong place.

The most beautiful flower bed Is a handmade flower bed.

Indeed, there is nothing so pleasing to the eye afterwards as the results of one's labor. To get a unique and beautiful flower arrangement in front of the house, there are some tricks that most gardeners use.

  • First, it is necessary to make a sketch of the future flower garden, where the integrity of the site surrounding the house would be clearly traced. It is in this case that unnecessary elements will not arise, and everything will be subject to a certain pattern. Your future flower bed should be a holistic system in which all components echo and connect, and the flower bed itself fits perfectly into the surrounding landscape. At the same time, senseless planting of flowers around the perimeter of the flower garden or in its central part will not give the effect that can be obtained from a thoughtful planting of plants. For this, a small secret is often used, based on combining flower plants by planting in the same territory. annuals and perennials... Due to this, the flower picture created in this way blooms from early spring to late autumn.
  • Secondly, when creating an ideal flower bed, the available plants should be placed according to the height they reach. Usually, plants are planted in the foreground, which are of small height and cover only the soil. Then medium-sized flowers are placed, which will perfectly frame tall plants. The central part of such a flower bed is often left for medium-tall perennials, which in most cases are beautifully flowering and lead in the duration of flowering. You can frame flowering plants with decorative leaf plants. This will give more contrast to the colors.
  • Thirdly, when creating flower beds, it is imperative to take into account the terrain where the flower bed is broken.Based on this, it is possible to create both flat compositions, which are characteristic of flat areas, and "hills", which are characteristic of uneven landscape surfaces. In the latter case, decorative stones and tiles are often used, framing the compositions created in this way.

All of the above secrets of a successful gardener must first be embodied on a paper version. In this way, you can see all the shortcomings and advantages of the future flower bed, as well as make your dream come true. For this purpose, you should not use an exclusively simple pencil and eraser, you need to paint the idea with the colors with which you want to embody it. The color scheme will show you the flaws in the design of your future flower bed better than anyone else.

Simple ways to create an unusual flower bed

Simple ways to create an unusual flower bed

Today, it is fashionable to create individual and unique images in everything: clothing, interior, makeup, manicure and so on. Of course, this idea of ​​creating something unusual and flower beds with flower beds did not pass by.

Many amateur gardeners try to arrange their flower beds in such a way as to surprise not only neighbors, but also craft colleagues. A successful union of idea and inspiration allows you to create a unique flower range on a flat area, pleasing to the eye and passers-by.

Moreover, many creators of such art rely on the flowering time of the plants used, planning the appearance of flowers in a flower bed from spring to late autumn.

There are several variations of the creation of unusual flowering flower beds, let's get to know them in more detail.

The most common way to create flower beds is the "Central Flowerbed":

  • It is not only used by many amateur gardeners, but also easy to create. To create it, concentric circles of different diameters are first drawn on paper and painted with the tones of flowering plants that they plan to plant. Then the idea outlined on paper is embodied in a wonderful flower bed.
  • To create such a flower garden, they use: plants of dark-leaved and green-leaved cannes, decorative-leaved gnafaliums, as well as blooming snapdragons.
  • In such a composition, the central place is given to cannes, which have dark formations of leaves. The rest of the flowers selected for the composition are planted around them.

To create a flowering flower bed in the style of "Viennese flower:" you need:

  • Pick up several types of flowering plants that differ in color. The name of the composition is given by the shape that is obtained during the planting of all the plants in the flower garden.
  • The "flower" obtained in this way has about six petals, which open and smell sweet on a sunny day. It is desirable to place such a composition in the central part of the area being designed.
  • The "Viennese flower" is made up of flowering plants, preferably of the same height.
  • In the central place of this composition, it is desirable to place white levkoy plants.
  • To accentuate their color, you can use alpine forget-me-notplanted in close proximity to the lawn grass.
  • For the outer part of the composition, zinnia flowers are well suited, primroses and viola... Their color schemes are successfully combined with each other.
  • As the framing of the composition of plants, you can take the graceful achiranthes and the decorative leafy alternate. Such a composition will not remain unnoticed in any part of the space.

A difficult way to create an unusual flower bed

A difficult way to create an unusual flower bed

More complex in structure is flower bed, made in the style of "Fancy Pattern". Its base should be occupied by a round flower garden, in which periodically repeating undulating elements are planted. Moreover, the principle of "not covering" light-loving flowering plants with other plants is observed.

For such a flower garden, they are well suited perennialsbut you can also use annual plants:

  • The central place in this composition is occupied by a squat chamerops, which has rich fan-shaped leaves.
  • Dahlia zinnias are located next to it, using the shade from the leaves of other plants to protect them from the scorching sun.
  • All this is framed by the handsome Coleus with its unique color scheme.
  • Then you can make small curls around the periphery of the pattern, using for these purposes pelargonium, dracaena and begonia.
  • The ideal background for such a composition would be a bright green lawn.

An original way to decorate a flower garden is a composition called "Piece of cake":

  • Its main tones are burgundy-red, framed along the edges with a silvery edge.
  • To create it, the corner part of the flower garden is planted with three daylily bushes blooming in maroon color.
  • Wormwood with its silvery leaves is planted along its edges.
  • In the center of such a composition heuchera.
  • All this can be supplemented with the help of the Macedonian Korostavnik bushes or Chisetae.

This flower bed will look elegant and festive any day.To create a blooming flower bed, you can use other options for colors and patterns and locations. It is only important to combine them correctly, so that some flowers are complemented by the flowers of others.

More information about the most extraordinary flower beds can be found in the video.
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To grow such flowers and arrange them so beautifully on a flower bed requires a lot of work and it is desirable to know the characteristics of plants, to have an artistic taste, which is also no less important.

You can also create beautiful compositions using old metal buckets or other recycled containers. All you need to do is paint and drill the necessary holes.