Verbena perennial and annual


In the days of Ancient Rome, not a single oath or sacrifice could do without this plant. Now perennial verbena is known as a medicinal and ornamental plant. And due to its properties, it is often used in vases to decorate the house for a long time in the cut form.

Annual varieties of verbena are grown as a cultivated plant, which in natural conditions is a perennial. Here are some representatives:

  • hard verbena has been known since 1830. It got its name from the tough, elongated leaves. This variety is characterized by abundant small-flowering flowering from June to October;
  • hybrid verbena is very good for self-seeding. Its fragrant flowers have a regular carnation shape. The color of the flowers varies from white to dark purple shades with a constant light eye in the center;
  • vervain canadensis has thin stems, its pointed oval leaves at the base form a wedge-shaped shape. Canadian verbena flowers are found in white, lilac, purple and pink.

Perennial verbena as a horticultural culture is represented by the straight verbena species. This species is characterized by well-pubescent foliage of a grayish-green hue. The flowers have a fancy blue-violet color. The plant blooms the next year after sowing.

Perennial verbena is characterized by high drought tolerance. She is very fond of sunny areas and can grow well on dried clay, slightly acidic and sandy soils.

It is easy to stimulate new growth on your own if you regularly remove faded inflorescences.