Aquilegia hybrid - ornamental perennial plant

At the moment, among gardeners and gardeners, hybrid aquilegia is very popular, obtained by crossing an ordinary aquilegia (European variety) and golden, blue, Canadian, beautiful and Skinner's aquilegia (American varieties).

This ornamental plant is considered perennial, but still, after 4-5 years, a large selective variety becomes smaller, breaking up into small bushes, so gardeners prefer to replace the five-year-old plant with a new one.

Aquilegia is distinguished by an interesting structural feature - it can reach a height of 50-100 cm (some varieties and more), flowers with a diameter of 7-10 cm are simple or double with pronounced spurs (short and long), leaves are openwork, cut twice or thrice, with some bloom ... In nature, there is an incredible number of colors and shades of aquilegia, which attracts flower growers even more.

Aquilegia hybrid blooms in June-July. It is planted with seeds and seedlings. In open ground, seeds are planted in April-May, for seedlings - in mid-March. However, it is preferable to collect fresh seeds in autumn and sow them immediately at a depth of 0.5 cm and a distance of 40-50 cm. Aquilegia is considered winter-hardy, therefore it easily withstands winter cold and frost even without additional protection.

Aquilegia hybrid does not like open sunny areas, in such conditions growth and development are reduced, the flowering time is reduced. Remember, it is better to plant the plant in partial shade using slightly acidic soil (sandy, light or loamy).