When to plant crocuses in the ground, and when to plant in a home pot

Crocuses are perennial bulbous plants with flowers that are warm yellow, cold purple or blue, or even white. In spring they bloom earlier than other flowers, and later in autumn. In the first case, these are spring-flowering, and in the second, autumn-flowering crocuses. They usually grow and bloom outdoors, however, through forcing, you can make these plants bloom in the house when their owner wants them.

It will be important for any florist to know when to plant crocuses. So, for planting spring-flowering crocuses, the most suitable time is from the end of August to September, while for autumn-flowering crocuses it is summer, but in no case later than August. Moreover, there is no need for annual digging of crocus bulbs. It is enough to carry out this procedure once with an interval of five years.

Let us dwell a little more on when to plant crocuses, if there is a desire to admire their flowers at home, and not in the garden, for example, in early January. Crocuses will have time to bloom by this time if they are planted closer to the end of September. If you want to achieve the same in mid-December, then you need to start in early September. Or, in general, you can plant crocuses in batches throughout September, October and mid-November.

Even ordinary land diluted with a significant amount of sand is suitable for planting them. Corms are planted in groups of 5 to 20 pieces and placed in pots or bowls. It should be noted that spring-flowering crocuses are used for forcing.

Before blooming at an unusual time for themselves, they go through a cooling period lasting about 2.5 months, and the forcing process itself, which lasts about 2-3 weeks at temperatures of 15-17 degrees. Based on this, you can also calculate when crocuses should be planted in order to delight your eyes with their delicate flowers at one time or another.

Although the exact date can be mistaken. In this regard, such points as:
  • crocus variety;
  • the size of the bulbs (the larger they are, the faster the crocus blooms);
  • lighting, air temperature.
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