Anemones in the photo - the embodiment of tenderness

Anemone or otherwise anemone is a tuberous or rhizome perennial. It is characterized by an erect stem and single or semi-umbilical flowers that reach a diameter of up to 8 cm.Depending on which of the many existing species (about 150) it belongs to, it can bloom from April to when frosts begin ...

Such delicate anemones in the photo do not need any particularly difficult care. They are distinguished by their unpretentiousness. Their development does not require the active participation of the grower to whom they belong. However, there are some features of caring for them, which will be very useful to know about, namely:

  • anemones do not need special supports or garters;
  • it is best to grow them in partial shade, although you can do this in a sunny place, but with the obligatory condition of frequent and abundant watering;
  • if these flowers are placed in partial shade or in the shade of shrubs, then they should be receded a sufficient distance from them for the reason that they do not like to coexist with other roots;
  • the soil for planting them must be good, fertile;
  • this plant is characterized by rapid growth: in two years on an area of ​​at least one meter;
  • however, with a very strong growth of the bush, it can always be divided;
  • it is necessary to periodically break through the weeds without using any devices that can damage the very sensitive roots of the flower;
  • there is no need to dig them up for the winter period, the main thing is that at the same time they are well covered by covering them with manure or humus.
In order to please not only the anemones in the photo with their beautiful appearance, but also the abundantly blooming anemones in the garden, you can apply complex fertilizers before the buds bloom.

As you can see, there is actually nothing complicated in caring for them. True, there are some species of this plant, like the Apennine, gentle and Caucasian anemones, which need additional care.


Anna user picture

In fact, anemones are very beautiful garden flowers. But care for them is still needed, otherwise they will simply die, drowned out by other plants or weeds.

Eva avatar

She planted white anemones, as in the photo. I bought on the shady side, the seller assured that they do not like the sun. They died twice. It doesn't seem to me that they are so unpretentious, there is some secret in caring for them.

Dina avatar

I only have white anemones, I really want to get other varieties as well. Diffused lighting is more suitable for my flowers, the petals burn in the sun and the buds wither quickly.