Callas - growing and care

The unique shape of the inflorescence has made calla lilies one of the most popular potted plants. And in the garden, in the open field, they are grown by many flower growers. Naturally, the conditions of care will be slightly different in both cases.

Potted calla definitely needs a rest period, which will ensure the normal formation of the peduncle. Most often, this period falls in the winter, when the plant needs only a little watering. In spring, you can already start feeding. For a start - with rotted organic matter, and then you can add mineral fertilizers.

Calla doesn't like bright sun. It is better to provide her with shady or semi-shady places to stay. They prefer ordinary garden soil, slightly acidic. You can add a little clay, peat, sand and vermiculite.

If you want to grow this plant in your garden, you can pre-germinate the tubers. Place them in the pot, buds (or where they should appear) down, this is important. Sprouts are planted in open ground in warm weather, most often in mid or late May.

In their homeland, in the tropical swamps of Africa, calla lilies are considered weeds. But our climate doesn't quite suit them. It would be ideal to plant them near a reservoir, but not artificial, but natural. It is possible to grow calla lilies from seeds, but this is more laborious work, for amateurs and all those who want to feel like a breeder.

The flowering of zantedeschia (the second name of calla lilies) is quite long, and the color range is quite wide. With the help of these plants, you can beautifully decorate your personal plot or green your home.

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User avatar Julia2705

If we are talking about tuberous calla lilies, then in winter it is better to store them on the refrigerator door. In general, cultivation is similar to gladioli, only you need to bury it at a shallower depth when planting, otherwise they will not bloom. Why should tubers be placed buds down in a pot? In my opinion, on the contrary.

Considering that the birthplace of a flower is Africa, it is quite difficult to get calla lilies to take root in our flower garden. We have three flowers in pots and we regularly take care of them, while there are times when calla lilies do not even need to be watered, on the contrary, it will prevent them from growing.

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Calla lilies do not water ?? What kind of heresy are you writing. They are tropical plants, they are very fond of moisture. I was in the botanical garden and personally saw how calla lilies ratut almost in the swamp, feeling great.