Finding out how to plant lobelia


Knowing how to plant lobelia makes it easy to decorate your garden with beautiful flowers. It is also grown in the house or on balconies. It is quite decorative, and most importantly, it can perfectly diversify the existing flower garden.

We figure out how to plant lobelia

The annual lobelia is grown effortlessly. Most often, Lobelia Erinus comes across. This plant is highly branching. Its height reaches 30 cm. The flowers are small, up to 2 cm in diameter. They grow in large numbers in the areas of the leaf axils, one at a time. Their color can be very different:

  • Purple;
  • Blue;
  • Dark blue;
  • White;
  • Pink.

There are single-color varieties, or varieties with an eye. There is a bush form, but ampelous, whose stems are up to 45 cm long, is no less common.

Lobelia light garden lands are suitable for flowering, if the desired percentage of moisture is provided. The plant grows in partial shade and in the open sun. Lobelia is well suited as a border plant, it is planted along the paths, in the front rows of flower beds, as the border of flower beds. Ampelous lobelia grows in boxes and balcony pots.

For sowing, you need to wait for February. The plant develops slowly. Seedlings are planted in pots in small bunches. By pinching the tops, you can achieve abundant flowering and bushiness. This procedure is carried out when the plant has a length of 5 cm. In open ground, lobelia is planted at a distance between seedlings - from 10 cm. Flowering opens its season in June. If you cut the bushes low in August, you can achieve a second flowering period. This is the answer to the question of how to plant lobelia in the garden and on the balcony.

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I dream of planting lobelia in a flower pot on the balcony, but this year I forgot to plant seeds ... (((Will try next year.

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This year, for the first time, I planted lobelia from seeds. The whole planting process is identical with petunias. The only distinguishing feature between these two plants is that 5-6 lobelia seeds need to be planted in one glass in order to plant them in bushes. If there is one plant, then there will be no beauty effect. I bought blue lobelia seeds. Very beautiful. It still blooms in the same flowerpot along with ampelous petunias, despite the fact that today it is already September 26)

I would say that not five or six, but much more. Yes, they are also so small that try to count them there ... I poured them into peat tablets as it turned out, then I divided them when transplanted into pots. Yes, sometimes they write that it should be pinched, and so I did not notice the difference between pinched and no plants.