Growing primrose and caring for her

Growing primrose and caring for it is not particularly difficult. Primroses are called primroses, they bloom very first in spring. Primrose flowers are brown, purple, purple, blue, yellow, white. Petals of primroses with contrasting edges or eyes along the edge, terry. Flowers are collected in capitate, umbellate or bell-shaped inflorescences.

Growing and caring for a primrose depends on the variety of primroses. They are cushion, umbrella, candelabra, capitate, tiered, bell-shaped.

There are general guidelines for keeping all primroses. It is advisable to plant primroses in dense clumps so that the earth is not visible (small species - after 10-15 centimeters, and larger ones - after 30 or 40 centimeters). This is due to the fact that primroses do not like drying out of the soil. Transplanting and caring for primroses directly depends on the structure of the bush. In primroses, the rhizome grows obliquely upward. Therefore, if you do not transplant them for a long time, and also do not add fertile soil annually under the base of the bush, then the primroses will end up on the surface of the earth and will soon die.

The primroses need to be divided frequently. Species that grow fairly quickly are divided every year. And the rest are divided every two or three years. Division is carried out 2 weeks after the end of flowering. Primroses with poorly recovering root system, try to do in the spring before flowering or immediately after flowering.

The primroses respond well to feeding, the flowers become larger and brighter. Fertilizers from the beginning of the growing season are applied every week in liquid form in small doses; fertilizer can be applied under the roots or "along the leaves".

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This is the second time I have tried to grow primroses from seeds. I bought it from different manufacturers. None of them even came up ... what could be the reason?

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Well, I don’t know, it’s written that it’s easy to grow, but I don’t bloom and that’s all. Apparently, everything goes into leaves, they are juicy and oily. Primroses do not like me, but it's a pity, such a beauty. I will definitely try more according to the owls of the article