Yucca filamentous - unpretentious beauty


When filamentous yucca blooms, it attracts the eye and dominates among all flowers - such a stunning sight it is. However, unfortunately, the time of its flowering is limited - only a week it pleases with its incredible flower.

Yucca filamentous is suitable for garden landscaping, as it can winter in our area in the open field. A distinctive feature of filamentous yucca among other species is the thin threads (hairs) that grow along all the ribs of the leaves.

Yucca filamentous is an evergreen stemless perennial, peduncles that can reach two meters, in our area they are much lower, but still impressive, bell-shaped large flowers are collected in a narrow paniculate inflorescence, and the flowers smell pleasant in the evenings.

Yucca does not bloom right away, it needs some time to build up strength and mass, and then it blooms every year. Yucca is relatively winter-hardy, it can withstand frosts up to twenty degrees, but we can really arrange for her a decent shelter for the winter, then she will survive even more severe frosts.

It is better to plant yucca in spring, as well as to carry out its transplantation and division, which it tolerates excellently. She is not demanding for watering, once a week will be enough for her, but you can not water at all.

Yucca has impressive shapes, so it is better to plant it separately or at a good distance from other plants, it will look great surrounded by stones of different sizes. If you decide to plant Yucca in a group, then the plants that will grow next to her should have the same care and growing requirements as she does, for example: lavender, cereals, bearded dwarf irises, etc.

Having planted filamentous yucca, you can "forget" about it, that is, it does not require any care, only occasional watering in dry weather and you can feed it a couple of times with fertilizers.

The only thing that can harm her is stagnation of moisture, so her planting site should be well-drained.

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Yucca is a very beautiful flower. She blooms so gorgeous, just lovely. And she really is not whimsical, they gave us a spine, so dead, we did not expect that it will take over and give growth. And he is so handsome now, without any care.