Small petunia: sowing and caring for seedlings

Due to its tendency to early flowering, petunia is undersized, it is sown in February in small bowls, in which drainage holes must be made. In no case should you sprinkle the seeds with earth: they simply will not germinate. To create the necessary microclimate, it is advisable to cover the containers with soil with foil, glass, and ideally with a light non-woven material. They should be kept in a warm room: the thermometer in it should not fall below 25-26 degrees.

Soon the first shoots will hatch from the ground. When they grow up a little, you need to remove the shelter from the pots. If you used a non-woven material, tiny plants, after removing it, quickly adapt to the new regime and will not fall, as can happen with those seedlings that were covered with glass. After a couple of days, they will have to be transferred to a cooler room, in which the temperature should not exceed twenty degrees.

The undersized petunia is extremely light-requiring, so the winter lack of sunlight will have to be compensated for by artificial lighting. When the first true leaves appear on small petunias, they need to be dived into plastic cups (holes should also be made in these containers). Another prerequisite for the successful cultivation of seedlings is the correct watering regime. Remember that dry soil is detrimental to small flowers, and waterlogged soil is likely to cause blackleg disease, which causes the sprouts to rot at the bottom and fall off.

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Everything seems to be simple, but petunia is not friends with me. But I will try to plant seedlings anyway next year.

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I love petunia! It smells so nice, and how many colors of this flower you can get now! But it's easier for me to buy ready-made seedlings than to grow it myself - for some reason, it is constantly dying from me.frown

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Petunias are one of the most beloved plants, I can't imagine a windowsill without these flowers. Fragrant, bright colors, and also constantly bloom. I didn't have to grow them from seedlings, I bought ready-made petunias babies, after which they already grew.

For me, petunia, on the contrary, is the most unpretentious flower. I put the pots with them on the street in the village and rejoice in the bloom. There was a case when I had to leave for a week. Upon arrival, the land was very dry, but even after that, the petunias survived.