How to plant tomato seedlings - preparatory work and planting features

After the seedlings a tomato grows up, you need to plant her in open ground... This action must be performed as correctly as possible, otherwise the amount of the crop will be significantly reduced. To date, there are several secrets of disembarkation. seedlings.


Plot and soil for planting

Plot and soil for planting

Landing plot seedlings plays a very important role for the tomato. How quickly the seedlings will take over directly depends on its features. Tomatoes are warm and light-loving plants. These factors must be taken into account when planting seedlings.

Secrets of choosing a place for seedlings:

  • Tomatoes should be grown in a well-lit area. Planting a tomato is best done near a white wall or fence. This will allow the sun's rays to bounce off the wall and hit the tomatoes.
  • It is strictly forbidden to disembark a tomato in one place for several years. If the site was grown potatoes, eggplant or pepperthen disembark seed in this place is not worth it. Otherwise, you will get weak harvest... Also drop off tomato do not produce near these plants, as this can lead to late blight. It is best to plant the tomatoes on the spot. Luke, cucumbers or cabbage.
  • To the choice of a place for disembarkation a tomato must be treated responsibly. If all of the above rules are taken into account, then tomatoes will give a good harvest.

After the selection of the site has been made, it is necessary to prepare it qualitatively for planting seedlings. Digging of the site is carried out in the autumn period. In order for the tomatoes to quickly begin and bloom well during the digging of the site, it is required to make fertilizers... For this purpose, superphosphate is introduced into the soil, mineral fertilizers and lime.

In the spring, the site is re-digged.

The soil must be constantly loosened, while removing weeds. In the spring, organic fertilizers and superphosphate are also applied to the soil. This fertilizer only needs 20 grams per square meter. Before disembarking seedlings nitrogen fertilization is applied in a few days. A square meter of land requires 20 to 30 grams of fertilizer. This completes the preparation of the soil.

Planting tomato seedlings in open ground

Planting tomato seedlings in open ground

After disembarking seed tomatoes initially begins to develop their root system. Further, the development of the ground part is carried out. When you see that the tomatoes are reaching for the sun, then you need to plant them in the ground.

Tips for planting seedlings:

  1. 10-14 days before landing seedling, it must be hardened. This will allow her to quickly adapt to new conditions. If the seedlings are planted in cups or boxes, then they must be taken outside for one hour. The hardening time is constantly increasing.In the event that you grow seedlings in a greenhouse, then it must be opened. Two to three days before planting, the hardening time of seedlings must be increased. During this period, the seedlings remain open overnight.
  2. 7 days before disembarkation is made treatment seedlings with one percent Bordeaux liquid. Also for this purpose can be used a drug profit-gold. Before you drop off seedlings, the root ball will be best treated with phytosporin, from which the solution is preliminarily made.
  3. The best time to plant tomato seedlings is late spring or early summer. During this period, the air temperature during the day should be in the range of 22-25 degrees, and at night it should not fall below 15 degrees. To ensure the most comfortable conditions for the seedlings, they are transplanted in the afternoon. It would be best to drop off tomato in the evening before sunset.
  4. A couple of hours before planting seedlings, containers with seedlings or greenhouses are watered with water at room temperature. This will allow the plant to be removed along with a small amount of earthy coma without damaging the roots. Seedlings from pots must be removed immediately before planting. Otherwise, your actions can lead to wilting of the plant and slowdown of its growth.

Before planting, holes are dug in the ground, which fully correspond to the size of the pot. A complex of fertilizers must be added to the hole, which consists of:

  • Wood ash
  • Humus
  • Other mineral fertilizers

Planting seedlings is done as carefully as possible so as not to damage its root system. When disembarkation the roots of the plant are directed downward. This will allow the tomatoes to take root as soon as possible. After you have placed the seedlings in the hole, it must be watered and sprinkled with earth on top.

Tomato variety directly affects the planting pattern.

A distance of 30-40 centimeters is left between the rows of low-growing tomatoes.

In a row, the distance between tomatoes must be at least 60 centimeters. There should be a distance of 70 centimeters between bushes of tall tomatoes. In this case, the distance from row to row must be at least 50 centimeters. Planting tomatoes is best done in a checkerboard pattern. When using purchased seed the landing pattern is exactly the same as indicated on the package.

Planting tomato seedlings is a fairly simple process. If the gardener follows the basic planting rules, then he is guaranteed to receive a quick survival of the seedlings, abundant flowering and a rich harvest. tomato.

Features of caring for tomatoes

Features of caring for tomatoes

In order for the seedlings to take root, it must provide a complete care... First of all, tomatoes need to provide frequent and abundant watering... In this case, it is strictly forbidden to overmoisten the soil. Watering the seedlings should be done in the evening. In the morning, the gardener loosens the ground. This action will saturate the soil with oxygen, which will significantly speed up the process of survival of seedlings.

Timely weeding of seedlings will prevent the appearance of a dry crust on it, which negatively affects development.

If the seedlings are provided with irregular watering in dry weather, then this can cause the disease of the top rot in tomato.

Another feeding tomatoes are carried out ten days after transplanting. For this purpose, you can use phosphorus or nitrogen fertilizers. If tomatoes are large and have no ovary, then fertilizing with nitrogen fertilizers is not made.

Features of seedling care before planting in the ground

Features of seedling care before planting in the ground

To obtain a rich harvest for tomatoes, it is necessary to care for the seedlings before they are planted in the ground. When the first shoots appear, feeding seedlings. Top dressing begins after the cotyledon leaves have unfolded.In order for top dressing to give a good result, it must be paired with watering. It is best to water the tomatoes with a fertilizer solution.

Fertilizers for feeding seedlings can be purchased at any specialized store.

Watering seedlings are produced in moderation. If the seedlings are grown in a greenhouse, then an automatic system must be used to water them. With excessive watering, the roots of this plant will die off, which will make the seedlings unsuitable for planting in the ground. It can also lead to root rot and the appearance of a pest that feeds on rot.

Transplanting tomato seedlings:

  • Twenty days after germination, the plant is transplanted into a spacious box.
  • If there is not enough space for it, then it will become thin and weak. This will make it unsuitable for planting in the ground.
  • Seedlings are planted in the ground only one and a half months after the emergence of seedlings.
  • In order not to damage the root system of the seedlings, it is transplanted into the ground along with earthen cubes.

If the seedlings are grown in a winter greenhouse, then it must be equipped with LED lamps. Tomato seedlings are already a plant. That is why it requires proper and rational care. If you don't have enough space and light while growing it, you can get very poor results. Tomatoes from such seedlings will bloom poorly, which will negatively affect yield... If you have grown good tomato seedlings, then they will grow in breadth. At the end of the month, the thickness of the tomato trunk should correspond to the size of the pencil.

Planting tomato seedlings in the ground is quite simple. To do this, you only need to have high-quality seedlings and water. With the correct transplantation of the tomato into the ground, you will ensure yourself a good harvest of this vegetable. In addition, you will need to take care of the seedlings in order for them to take root properly.

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