What should be the land for cucumbers

Cucumbers are one of the most common vegetables in our beds. They can be eaten raw and in this form they are included in many dishes, canned, salted, pickled. Growing cucumbers is not at all difficult and even inexperienced gardeners can do it. But in cultivation, the land for cucumbers is of particular importance, therefore, when planting this vegetable, it is very important to take into account the characteristics of the soil.

It is best if it is black soil. Clay soil is not suitable for growing cucumbers, just like other types of heavy soil. But the land for cucumbers with admixtures of sand is quite acceptable, because the soil for growing this crop must be moisture-permeable and light. But both in sandy soil and black soil must be thoroughly fertilized in the fall, for which it is best to use manure, or potassium salt and superphosphate. In spring, the soil can be fertilized with ammonium nitrate. Mineral fertilizers alone are not enough for cucumbers, therefore, in the spring, it is still advisable to add humus to the ground. If it is not possible to fertilize all the land for cucumbers, then it is necessary to add fertilizer at least to the holes or furrows. You can also add some ash.

It is necessary to plant cucumbers in well-moistened soil.
The land for cucumbers should be dug up in the fall and hardened in the spring. If the ground is too swollen, then you can dig it up again in the spring.

Do not forget about feeding cucumbers after germination, because it is an important point in the cultivation of this crop. You should also loosen the soil, because, remember, the soil should be light.

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User avatar slonpvo

Good time.

I have a private house at my disposal, I grow vegetables. Not for the rank store, but for the family only. As for the cucumbers, I noticed that they feel much more "fun" on the nets. (can be purchased at specialized points of sale) Cell 15 x 15 cm.


User avatar Vladislav111

In the spring, I always fertilize the ground for planting cucumbers with part of humus and part of ash. Before that I tried to experiment, fertilized separately with humus and separately with ash, the result is much worse.