Lapis lazuli herbicide for weeds - advantages and mechanism of action of the drug

Despite all the benefits of cultivation agricultural products in their own garden, this occupation has its own little troubles. One of them is weeds that litter areas and gardens. In a small area, it is still possible to fight against these plants, but if your garden is quite large, then the situation is much more complicated. To facilitate the work of the gardener, a large number of special preparations have been created, called herbicides. We will meet one of them now.


Benefits of the drug


Benefits of the drug

One of the most popular herbicidal agents among the population of our country is a drug called Lazurite. This is a real treasure for the gardener. Lapis lazuli in a short period of time grazes and destroys the main types of weeds in the garden. Most often, this drug is used in areas where it is planted potatoes... With the help of this herbicide, the bulk of the weeds, which are in the phase of active growth, are destroyed.

The effect obtained from the destruction of weeds lasts for about two months from the date of its use.

At the same time, there is no negative impact on potatoes and other crops growing nearby. Thanks to this, you can not only grow a good harvest potatoesbut also keep the area from clogging seeds weeds. Subsequent shoots of weeds also die in the area where Lapis Lazuli was used.

Mechanism of action of lapis lazuli herbicide

Lapis lazuli is an excellent weed control agent for potatoes... Long-term exposure drug extends to subsequent shoots of weeds. In addition to potatoes, lapis lazuli is excellent for weed control in tomatoes.

This herbicide is an environmentally friendly compound and does not cause the environment to crop plants. The drug acts exclusively on weeds, destroying them. The components of lapis lazuli do not accumulate in the cells of agricultural plants and soil, thereby not causing harm to the health of the human body. Active growth tomato and potatoes, where lapis lazuli was used, does not slow down, but continues to develop in due time.

Herbicidal agent - lapis lazuli destroys many types of annual and perennial weeds.

For the first processing about 10 grams of the drug is enough for the site and the site will be cleared of weeds. The use of the drug falls on the post-emergence period of weeds.

Lazurite is characterized by selectivity of impact. Not all categories of herbicidal preparations have this property. In other words, lapis lazuli has a detrimental effect on many types of weeds, but does not have a detrimental and negative effect on cultivated plants growing in this area. According to studies carried out on potatoes grown using Lapis lazuli, the constituent components of this herbicide were not found in the cells and tissues of the plant.This suggests that the products obtained are environmentally friendly for the consumption of adults and kids.

Lapis lazuli is cruel to a large amount of weeds. Perish from him:

  • Field yarok
  • Wild radish
  • Sow thistle
  • Mary white
  • Dandelion medicinal
  • Shepherd's bag
  • cornflower blue
  • Mayweed
  • Nightshade black
  • Field foxtail
  • Bird highlander
  • Chicken millet
  • Annual bluegrass
  • Dope ordinary
  • Medium starfish
  • All types of quinoa

As part of the drug, the active active compound is metribuzin. It is thanks to him that the complete destruction of weeds that have settled among potatoes or tomato.

The penetration of lapis lazuli into a weed plant is carried out directly through its root system and the surface of the leaves. This usually occurs when spraying a weed-infested area with the preparation.

This drug is produced in powder form. On the basis of it, a solution is prepared, with the help of which they fight weeds.

Together with the drug, there is a detailed instruction, which describes the mechanism for preparing an active solution with all the necessary volumes and concentrations. According to these instructions, mark the required treatment area and prepare a solution at the indicated concentrations. Do not deviate from the instructions and prepare the drug yourself according to the desired measurements. This can lead to the death of not only the weeds themselves, but also cultivated plants.

According to the instructions, the drug is used in areas with planted potatoes or tomatoes, spending about ten grams of Lapis Lazuli for a three-liter container of water. The drug can be used within five years from the date of manufacture, indicated on the package.

More information can be found in the video.