Yellow tulips, photo of the first spring flowers

The tulip is one of the first plants to bloom in spring. They are characterized by a great variety in terms of the shape and structure of the flower, the color and height of the plant itself. There are flowers, for example, lily-like, cupped, broadly bell-shaped or goblet-shaped. They can be terry or plain, variegated or monochromatic. Sometimes the flower is about 13 cm long with a diameter of 15 cm. Among the tulips with a monochromatic color, yellow tulips stand out in a special way, the photos of which convey their unusual beauty well.

Consider what kind of care these flowers need in order to only delight their owners. Provided that the land has been properly prepared, tulips do not require any particularly significant maintenance. Basically, it means:
  • systematic loosening of the soil;
  • weeding;
  • watering.
Regarding watering, it should be noted that it is carried out until the aerial part begins to turn yellow, for about two weeks after the flowering comes to an end. It is during this period of time that new bulbs are growing. Flowers that have faded must be pinched off without fail.

Tulips are excellent for early flowering even in the ground, they are excellent material for both cutting and forcing in winter. To better develop the bulb, it is preferable for a bouquet to cut those flowers where the number of leaves is one or two.

From time to time, it is necessary to arrange periodic inspections of plantings, aimed at removing plants in the development of which deviations are noticeable. They must be removed together with the ground. These measures will help to prevent the development of infection if it occurs.

Such simple care will allow you to grow tulips of any color, including yellow tulips, the photos of which are unlikely to leave anyone indifferent.