Daylilies in the photo are stunning with their beauty


Numerous daylilies in the photo, which gardeners put on the network, amaze with their beauty and color saturation. It is because of their beauty, grace, and also because of their relative unpretentiousness, daylilies are popular among both amateur gardeners and professionals.

Success in growing daylilies is based on the correct planting of the plant, its rhizomes, those who failed with daylilies most likely planted it incorrectly initially, which led to poor growth or decay of the plant.

Therefore, it is necessary to do the following:

- when planting, it is impossible to bury the upper part of the rhizome into the soil, from which new shoots appear;

- when planting, you need to ensure that the divide is at the same level in the soil on which it grew earlier.

Daylilies in the photo show large beautiful flowers, you will have these too if the daylily is planted correctly, and in the future there will be no problems and difficulties in caring for the plant, because the daylily is winter-hardy and unpretentious. Daylilies can be planted in any soil, but for abundant flowering, it is better to choose fertile soil or feed regularly.

When planting a plant, it is advisable to throw a little granular fertilizer into the hole or, only then, water the planted plant with fertilizer, but you cannot overdo it, as rhizome burns may appear. Daylily is drought-resistant, it tolerates waterlogging worse than a short-term drought, so you need to water the plant as needed. The best place for a daylily would be a sunny place, but it grows well in partial shade.

It is not necessary to cover the daylily for the winter and the leaves should not be cut off, so the rhizome of the plant will winter better.

The daylily can be propagated by seeds or vegetatively, the latter is more preferable for simple gardeners, since all the features of the mother plant are preserved.

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Now they are selling such beautiful daylilies! the pictures of the packages are just a sight for sore eyes! But, they say that there are a lot of lies in such pictures - they buy one - an amazingly beautiful flower, and something very ordinary grows.

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Daylilies I buy only in bloom. It has already been deceived more than once, both in the market and in online stores. They send whatever is horrible for a lot of money. So it's better to see everything with your own eyes at once)

User avatar ElenaC

I order daylilies from a magazine. Flowers match the description and photo. So the soil for daylilies is light and the place is sunny, but for some reason they disappear from me. They easily take root, for two years and grow well and the bush is formed. And in the third year they just disappear. I already shoveled the place where the daylilies were planted - neither the bulbs nor the "children" - as if there was nothing there. It doesn't look like pests - every year I "write out" several varieties - well, a pest cannot gobble up one bush, and not notice the neighboring onion. What is the reason for this?