Cornflower mountain

All lovers of perennial flowers know about cornflower. After all, this flower is very beautiful. The mountain cornflower reaches forty centimeters in height. Cornflowers bloom in early summer. This is usually June and July.

Depending on the type of flowers, they come in different colors (blue, purple, white, and others). The birthplace of the mountain cornflower is the Western European mountains. In that region, they thrive on mountain ranges. This type of flowers has a highly developed rhizome. The root system deepens 10 centimeters into the ground.

Cornflower leaves grow from the very beginning of the soil. They are slightly white and pubescent, the leaves are collected in a rosette. In general, the cornflower looks very beautiful, even during the period when it is not blooming. Its bushes will beautifully decorate the lawn with decor.

Mountain cornflower loves to grow in moist soil, salty nature. The soil where the plant grows must be well drained. Cornflower can be grown in regions with frosty winters, because this plant tolerates cold and frost well. But in the summer it is best for this flower to grow in the sun, because he loves it very much. This plant has practically no diseases and pests. Therefore, it does not require additional processing.

There are two ways to propagate cornflower. It can be sown with seeds that are harvested at the end of summer. But they must be sown before the beginning of winter. The cornflower also reproduces by dividing the bush. It is best to divide the bush in the spring. Can also be divided in late summer after the flowers have faded. On average, the bush grows for about 7 years.

Further care for this bush is the same as for others. It is necessary to periodically weed and remove weeds. During dry seasons. Cornflowers should be watered, because they are hygrophilous. Successful cultivation and beauty in the flower garden.