Rose Cordana Care

Miniature roses look very delicate and are absolutely not inferior in beauty to classic roses of standard sizes. Rose Cordana is famous for its splendor and beauty of the bush, as well as abundant flowering.


These roses are very often grown in pots, used as curbs, or even used in hedges.

Rules for caring for a rose Cordana

When caring for the Cordana rose, it is important to remember such points as:

  • Flower location

The best place for a Cordana rose is a balcony in the summer, and in winter it is better to keep it indoors.

  • Temperature and sun rays

It is very important that direct sunlight does not fall on the delicate petals and greens of the rose, and the optimum temperature for their successful growth will be +18 degrees.

Rose Cordana Care

  • Watering the plant

Rose Cordana is a rather moisture-loving plant, therefore, the earthen coma at the roots should not be allowed to dry out, and it is advisable to water it abundantly in the morning and evening, but not in the summer heat. It is necessary to water it with warm water so that powdery mildew does not form on the plants. But only after watering, the soil should be loosened so that the crust after watering does not block the access of oxygen to the roots of the plant. Spraying over the leaf is also very fond of roses.

  • Fertilizers

Fertilizing the plant is often not worth it. It will be enough for a rose to apply nitrogen or potassium-phosphorus fertilizers only three to four times. At the end of the summer season, the soil can be fertilized with superphosphate and saltpeter.

  • Pests and diseases

Downy mildew, aphids and spider mites can be a problem. First, you need to make sure that all of the above points are taken into account. If a lesion has begun, the diseased areas of the flower are removed or thoroughly washed and dried.

Transplant and reproduction of the Cordana rose

The growth phase of the moon is best for transplanting a plant. When transplanting from a container to a pot, remember that this procedure must be carried out carefully so as not to destroy the clod of earth and damage the roots. If there are gray or white fertilizer granules on the roots, they should not be removed or washed off.

Before pulling the plant out of the previous container, it is necessary to water the soil abundantly and let the water soak (20 minutes). Then the container is turned over and, holding the plant with your hand, the container with the flower is gently shaken. The content should come out easily. The surface soil must be removed, with a little loosening.

In addition, when transplanting to the bottom of a new pot, it is advisable to lay a drainage layer 1 cm thick (if the pot does not have a drain hole) or 3 cm (if the hole is made in the pot). Expanded clay is best suited. Next, the soil is poured, previously mixed with fertilizer granules, and after that - a layer of soil without fertilization.

Rose Cordana Care

After a lump of earth is placed in a pot and sprinkled with new earth on all sides, gradually compacting it a little. It should be 2-3 cm from the edge of the pot to the surface of the ground. You no longer need to water the plant, you can sprinkle the leaves a little.

You can propagate the Cordana rose with the usual cuttings or winter inoculation... It is better to do this also during the growth of the moon. In this case, the cuttings should be 2.5 to 3.5 mm thick. They are placed in water, first tearing off the lower leaves. Rooting should take place within 2 weeks.

Additional tips

Here are some additional guidelines to help you leaving behind a flower:

  • If you purchased a flower in a store, then when transplant keep it in the pot, remember that it should be slightly larger than the container in which the plant was sold. The pot should be 2-4 cm larger in diameter and 5-7 cm in height. If the transplant is carried out into a new pot (ceramic), then it must first be soaked for two hours in warm water. If it has already been used before, then just wash it well also in warm water using a stiff brush.
  • After some roses have faded, do not leave them on the plant, but carefully remove them immediately.

Rose Cordana Care

  • It is best to spray the plant in the evening. The best way to do this is to use boiled cold water. Too frequent spraying, even in summer, is useless.
  • The best soil composition for Cordana rose is a mixture of humus and sod land, as well as sand. The ratio is 4: 4: 1. It would also be nice to add fertilizer granules. If it is difficult to prepare such a mixture on your own, you can purchase a ready-made earthen mixture for roses in special stores.
  • If you want the flowering to last longer, place the plant in a well-lit area with good circulation of fresh air.

So, caring for a Cordana rose consists in the right place for its growth and providing the flower with sufficient light. In such conditions, the Cordana rose will delight the eye for more than one year, and the general care of the Cordana rose will be quite simple.

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A very original plant. I always wanted to grow a rose in a pot at home, but somehow my hands did not reach. But now I’ll do it, it’s such a beautiful rose. Yes, leaving is not difficult.