Growing roses from cuttings from a bouquet

What woman will not be pleased with a bouquet of roses presented for any holiday or for no reason at all? Unfortunately, however, this beauty is short-lived: even with the most careful care, cut flowers do not last longer than a week. However, a particularly vending rose variety can be rooted and admired the blooming queen for a very long time.

Growing roses from cuttings begins with the preparation of planting material. Cuttings take root best in the warm season, so growing roses from cuttings should be carried out from July to the end of August. Planting material must be harvested from annual semi-lignified shoots, which have buds (while only soil varieties of roses are suitable for reproduction in this way). Lateral, poorly developed shoots that grew with a lack of lighting are best suited for cuttings.

The length of the cuttings should be two or three internodes with two and three leaves, respectively. The lower cut should be made a little lower than the kidney, and the upper one should be about half a centimeter higher. To reduce the evaporation of moisture and, as a result, increase the viability of the future plant, the bottom leaf of the cutting should be completely cut off and the top part removed. Before planting, it is advisable to treat the prepared cuttings with some kind of growth-stimulating drug (indolylbutyric acid, heteroauxin, and others). This manipulation will not speed up the rooting process, but will increase the length of the roots. Then each stalk must be planted in a small pot, tied to a support and covered with a plastic bag, creating a kind of greenhouse.

It is very difficult to grow roses from cuttings, I can only grow 1-2 bushes per 10 cuttings. This is especially true for imported varieties. You need to understand that not everything that we like can grow with us simply because of the geography and climate.

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I tried to grow roses from cuttings from a bouquet. An unsuccessful attempt, perhaps because it was winter, in the summer it is still easier to root any plant.

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A rose from a bouquet can be grown, but its frost resistance will be low. Therefore, such flowers will need to be grown in a greenhouse, or covered with bushes for the winter. Otherwise, the bushes will freeze, even in our warm climate.