Electric hoe - principle of operation and advantages of use

Loosening, fertilizing, removing weeds - all these laborious processes take a lot of time and effort from the gardener, work on the site turns into an unpleasant compulsory obligation. However, labor costs can be significantly reduced if you purchase a special tool: an electric hoe is a multifunctional electrical device that can significantly simplify the most time-consuming and tedious types of garden work.


Design and principle of operation

Design and principle of operation

An electric hoe is a garden tool that looks like an electric trimmer, but it differs from it both in design and in purpose. The main element of the equipment is 6 metal pins-fingers, located on two discs for rotational movement. When rotating, the triangular pins are able to effectively loosen the ground, breaking hard lumps of soil, cut weeds from the roots, harrow the soil and carry out other work.

The design also includes a telescopic handle: it can be pushed apart, thereby ensuring the convenience of work for a person of any height.

For the second hand, there is a comfortable D-shaped handle that can be easily moved to a comfortable position. The principle of operation of the electric hoe is quite simple: the device is driven by an electric motor, the engine is located at the bottom of the device. Thanks to the motor, the pins-fingers rotate, with the help of which the soil is loosened or weeds are removed along with the roots.

The electric hoe does not require a complicated connection: you just need to connect the cord plug to a regular household outlet. However, due to the short cord, the possibilities of use on the site are limited, the owner has to use various extension cords.

Possibilities of using an electric hoe

Possibilities of using an electric hoe

The electric hoe differs from the cultivator in many parameters and design, but it is capable of performing similar functions.

There are several options for using an electric hoe:

  • Loosening the soil. When rotating, the working elements grind solid particles, while they can be immersed in the ground to the required depth. Careful work will prevent damage to the roots of plants when loosening.
  • Harrowing. Immersion of the working pins into the soil to a shallow depth allows you to effectively level the plowed soil after planting.
  • Deleting weeds... The device is able to completely capture them along with the roots and remove them from the garden or grind them when loosening the soil.
  • Edge alignment lawns and flower bed... Such a device will significantly speed up the process and minimize costs while obtaining the same result.

An important condition of work: the working tool of the electric hoist rotates alternately in both directions. This ensures not only efficiency, but also safety of work. Even if the gardener accidentally puts his foot under the blades, he will not get any injuries.

Benefits of using

Benefits of using an electric hoe

The use of an electric hoe does not just speed up gardening work: the tool frees the gardener from the most time-consuming and boring actions, you do not have to spend whole hours weeding the beds and loosening the soil.

The device has several important advantages:

  • Ease of use. You no longer need to loosen the beds on your knees: the telescopic handle will allow you to carry out all work in a comfortable position with a straight back. Such a device is simply necessary for the elderly and those who cannot work for a long time in a bent position.
  • High efficiency in application. The electric hoe loosens any type of soil well, it quickly breaks up even solid particles soil and all kinds of impurities, providing fresh air to the roots of plants.
  • Compact size and relatively light weight. Professional models weigh no more than 4.6 kg, this will allow both men and women to work with the tool without problems. When folded, the telescopic handle does not take up much space.
  • Low noise level. The device does not create discomfort during use, this is an important advantage when using the device near home.
  • Automatic blocking to provide protection against overheating and various failures, including stones from falling between the working surfaces of the electric hanger.
  • There is no translational movement of the tool. This allows you to carry out loosening work even in the narrowest spaces: the device will not hook on cultivated plants and pull them towards itself.

All these advantages have made the electric shovel a profitable solution for gardeners and gardeners. It will significantly reduce the time spent on weeding and loosening, completely process all the beds in a small area can be done in 1-2 days. Another important plus of this unit: during operation, the soil layer does not turn over, therefore, all its fertile properties are preserved.

Disadvantages of an electric hoe

Disadvantages of an electric hoe

Like all equipment for gardeners, electric hacks have several important disadvantages: overcoming them will require the creation of special working conditions:

  • First of all, this is a short cord that allows you to use the electric hoes only a few meters from the power source. In some cases, gardeners use extension cords, but they cannot always ensure the stable and safe operation of the equipment.
  • Another important disadvantage is the relatively low performance. The device does not work very quickly, so it is more profitable to use an electric hoe for processing small areas. In any case, large weeds with thick stems from the beds will have to be removed manually, too stylish loads lead to too rapid wear of the equipment. The electric hoe is not distinguished by high productivity and high speed of work: it should not be used for large areas, since loosening the mill takes too much time.
  • Most models are designed so that the electric motor is located close to the ground surface. This creates restrictions for use, for example in the rain: water entering the device will permanently disable it. The device requires careful handling and should not be used for loosening beds in very large areas.

The pros and cons of an electric hoist are of interest to many owners of suburban and suburban areas. This device frees the owner from boring work, and if used correctly, such a device can last a long time. In addition, it will effectively cope with the task and simplify care behind the beds for good harvest.

The most demanded models and manufacturers

The most demanded models and manufacturers

Products of various manufacturers are presented on the market, it is important to navigate correctly in this variety and choose the most suitable model. Electric hoists from several well-known manufacturers have gained wide popularity:

  • Black & Decker.Under this brand, electric shovels are produced, equipped with a removable battery, a charger is supplied in the kit. The removable battery allows you to quickly charge the tool and get on with your work.
  • Brill is another popular brand. This is the first type of tools to appear on the Russian market; this brand is in constant demand.
  • Sungarden - under this brand, electric hoes are produced that work from a stationary network. It is a simple but very reliable design, the handle does not move apart. Such equipment operates on a regular home network with a voltage of 220V.

These are just some of the brands whose products are in high demand among gardeners.

The electric hoe is a way to greatly simplify the tedious daily work, which is why such tools are becoming more and more in demand.

They are sold relatively inexpensively, with the right brand selection and use, they will serve for many years.

More information on how the electric hoist works can be found in the video: