What is the miracle of a pitchfork for digging the earth and how to make them yourself

Working in the garden is quite exhausting. Digging a site alone takes a huge amount of time and effort. In addition, the site needs systematic weeding from weeds. Not only the elderly, but also young people find it difficult to cope with such a load.

The miracle of the pitchfork for digging the earth is a very valuable invention that allows you to dig a garden in a short period of time without much effort. The device works great even on difficult terrain.

The miracle of a pitchfork for digging the earth

What is the miracle of a pitchfork for digging the earth

The miracle of the pitchfork is a kind of ripper that allows you not only to quickly dig up the soil, but also break up clods. The pitchfork can consist of one or a pair of strips with pins, which are movably connected.

In some models, a backgauge is installed to facilitate the process of digging dense, heavy soil. From a distance, the design resembles a double pitchfork.

Component parts of the device

The ripper is completely different from the classic bayonet shovel. The handle of the structure is located much higher. Typically, it is at the level of the digger's shoulder. In the upper area of ​​the structure there is a crossbar that allows you to work with both hands simultaneously. The component parts of the device include:

  1. working forks;
  2. back emphasis;
  3. lever mechanism;
  4. front stop forks;
  5. front stop.

The miracle of the pitchfork makes it possible not only to dig up the ground, but also:

  • break the lumps;
  • dig up weeds without cutting its root system;
  • dig up fruits like potatoes, carrots, etc.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the main advantages of the miracle pitchfork, it is worth highlighting:

  • facilitating the process of digging up the soil (the load falls on the legs and arms, while the back does not experience strong stress);
  • digging weeds together with the root system, which makes it possible to get rid of the need for frequent weeding;
  • the possibility of hilling potatoes and loosening the soil;
  • the ability to conveniently dig long beds;
  • loosening of the soil occurs without overturning the layer of fertile soil;
  • the possibility of breaking soil lumps and simultaneously loosening.

The only drawback of the device is its mass. The ripper weighs much more than a bayonet shovel. However, lifting weights is often unnecessary. Having installed the miracle pitchfork in the ground at the starting point of the row, it will be possible to drag them as needed, gradually pulling the handle.

Note! You can dig a miracle garden with a pitchfork much faster than in cases where a bayonet shovel is used. This fact is explained quite simply - the working part of the device is much wider than the shovel.

Principle of operation

The miracle pitchfork can be used even by persons who suffer from spinal pathologies. Forks easily loosen the soil, which does not need to be turned over. The back is practically not involved in the process. The principle of operation of the device is quite simple. A more detailed sequence of actions is presented below.

  1. The ripper shank must be positioned vertically. The forks move up.
  2. The digger, placing his foot on the stubborn part, presses with the body of the body.
  3. The teeth begin to dig into the ground, and the handle is pulled back.The layer of earth passes through the second pitchfork, where it is crushed.
  4. The digger steps back a little, part of the garden has not yet been cultivated. Actions are repeated.

It seems to many that backward movements will be inconvenient, but this is not at all the case. The digger gradually gets used to the process, and the excavated soil left ahead, ready for sowing, inspires and gives strength to quickly prepare the site for planting work. A thin part of the fertile layer does not sink into the soil, as is the case when digging a site with a bayonet shovel.

The device allows not only digging soil, but also digging up potatoes, collecting foliage in the fall and scattering manure.

Miracle pitchfork design


The miracle pitchfork is classified according to the depth of loosening and the complexity of the mechanism. The simplest models consist of a pitchfork and a stop. Sophisticated hand rippers contain additional details. Simple models facilitate the process of digging a site.

They can quickly plow a well-groomed vegetable garden, but they should not be expected to cope with the task of breaking up clods of earth. It is also important to take into account that the upper part of the steel forks is fixed to the shovel most often with hinges. The thread looses pretty quickly.

How to use the miracle pitchfork correctly

The appearance of the miracle pitchfork is quite simple. The main distinguishing feature is considered to be the backward movement of the device during operation. Based on this, start digging up the soil from the far extreme row. In order to use the device correctly, you will need to follow the instructions below:

  1. The miracle pitchfork is positioned on the front ripper while being held by the handle.
  2. The device sticks into the soil until the backgauge touches the ground.
  3. The handle stretches towards itself. The pitchfork moves forward. After the attachment starts to rise, soil trapped under the front forks will break up clods.
  4. The device is pulled back. Actions are repeated.

Where can one buy

You can buy a pitchfork miracle in almost any Garden, Vegetable Garden store. Below you can find the most popular models of the miracle pitchfork, which are popular with gardeners.

Table 1. The best models of the miracle pitchfork.

Name Description
Tornado The depth of immersion of the forks in the ground reaches 22-23 cm. The device leaves behind a strip, the width of which is within 50 cm. The tornado allows not only digging up the site, but also harvesting vegetables in the fall. The cost of a miracle pitchfork reaches 1500 rubles.
Excavator-7 The ripper also helps to get rid of weeds during digging. Even stony soil can be cultivated with it. You can buy Excavator-7 in most of the Garden, Vegetable Garden stores or order it online. The cost of the device reaches 1200 rubles.
Kopalochka The device makes it possible to process 2 hundred parts every 60 minutes. The device weighs 7 kg. With the help of Volber, weeds are well extracted from the soil along with the root system. You can buy a pitchfork miracle for 1,500 rubles.
Assistant This type of device allows you to prepare a site for planting work in a short period of time. Both sod land and rocky soil are easily cultivated. The digging depth is 28 cm. You can buy this model for 2,400-2,600 rubles.

How to make a miracle fork with your own hands

The design can not only be purchased in a specialized store, but also built by hand. Below you can find a step-by-step process for making a ripper.

Required tools

When choosing the width of the device, you should pay attention to the area that you want to capture. However, do not make the miracle of a pitchfork more than 50 cm wide, as the level of effort will be too high. The digger will quickly feel tired. In this case, the distance between the teeth of the forks should reach 4.5-5 cm.

To start making a structure, you should stock up on:

  • square pipe - 10 mm;
  • metal pipe - 5 cm;
  • reinforcement or a strip of alloyed rolled metal, the thickness of which reaches 5 cm, and the width does not exceed 2 cm;
  • bolts and nuts;
  • welding machine;
  • drill;
  • grinder;
  • sandpaper.

Drawings, diagrams

Below you can see the drawings and a design diagram that will come in handy during the work.

Option with the presence of one forks and a support frame at the rear

Option with the presence of one forks and a support frame at the rear

Drawing for the manufacture of a miracle pitchfork

Drawing for the manufacture of a miracle pitchfork

Build options

The option for assembling the structure presented below will help you build a ripper with your own hands, even for a beginner in the field of making homemade products.

  1. The pipe, intended for the manufacture of the support frame, is bent in such a way that the letter P. is obtained.
  2. In this case, the length of the legs should reach 80 cm. And the crossbar should be within 38 cm.
  3. In the strip, which will need to be placed across, holes must be drilled, and pieces of reinforcement are mounted in them, the length of which does not exceed 20 cm. Fixation is carried out by welding.
  4. The next stage of work will be the manufacture of the main ripper. This will require a pipe that will be 5 cm transverse. Fittings are mounted in the drilled holes.
  5. To fix the hinges that hold the product, you will need to build ears from the pipe.

Note! A self-made ripper will last for many years if you work with it correctly and ensure that the structure is stored in a dry place.


Below you can read the reviews of the owners of the plots who use the miracle of the pitchfork in their garden.

Petr Stepanovich, 59 years old, Saratov

  • Several years ago, my son gave me the miracle of a pitchfork, seeing how difficult it was for me to dig a garden in the spring. At first I was skeptical about the gift. However, having tried once how this miracle shovel still functions, I realized how wrong I was. Now it takes me no more than 3 hours to dig up my 5 acres, and before with a shovel it was difficult for me to dig up a property in a whole day. My back doesn't hurt after work. I am grateful to my son for such a gift.

Fedor Borisovich, 42 years old, Moscow

  • My parents live in my village. Every spring, all our relatives are going to help them dig up a vegetable garden (12 acres). Now I can do this work alone. A friend advised me to buy a miracle pitchfork Assistant. In just 6-7 hours with small smoke breaks, I manage to prepare the site for planting work. For each approach, I loosen with this structure 2 times more soil than with an ordinary shovel. After such a voluminous work, I only feel a slight fatigue, and before, after digging the garden with a bayonet shovel, I lay for several days and could not move.

The miracle of the pitchfork is an effective ripper that helps not only dig up a garden and flower beds, but also break up clods of earth. The strips with pins are movably connected. Most of the construction models contain a backgauge, which makes it possible to facilitate the process of digging heavy rocky ground. The appearance of the structure vaguely resembles a double pitchfork.

How the miracle pitchfork for digging the earth works, see the video:

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Goshia avatar

In my opinion, the design of a miracle pitchfork with one row of pitchforks, such as in the video for the article, is much simpler. They can be made much faster, and the forks break the clods of soil quite well.

I have been using the pitchfork miracle in the garden for a long time - starting in spring, from digging up the garden, and ending in late autumn, when you need to fertilize the soil. Thanks to the miracle, the pitchfork forgot about the cultivator - with mechanics it turned out to be easier to plow the garden.

User avatar Oleg

The device may well refuse to be very functional and greatly facilitate the work on the site. Another thing is that judging by the pictures, I have some doubts about the reliability of a number of parts.