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A green lawn in front of the house is the dream of every owner of a country house or permanent home in the bosom of nature. Cheerful and bright greenery cheers up and decorates the personal plot, gives it a noble look. But often, due to some circumstances, gardeners either do not have enough time to organize a good lawn, or skills. After all, decorating a lawn is not an easy task. If the situation develops in this way, comes to the rescue lawn for the lazy.

For its arrangement, no special knowledge of an agronomist is required. You just need to take into account some of the advice of experienced gardeners for growing and caring for the grass. It, as a rule, does not take much time and grows well by itself - an excellent way out for people who are busy and inexperienced in gardening. These instructions for use and cultivation will help you determine the type of lawn and learn the basic rules for caring for a lush lawn.


Types of lawns and their purpose

Types of lawns and their purpose

Before purchasing a lazy lawn, you need to decide on its appearance. It will directly depend on the purpose of the lawn. For example, you want to equip a clearing for the constant pastime of family members - games, cooking barbecue or for relaxation. In this case, you should choose a certain variety of herbs that will not trample and form bald spots over time.

Among the large assortment of lazy lawns, the following types are distinguished according to the purpose:

  • Garden and park view - great for lawns, where you can relax and lie at your pleasure on the soft and tender grass. This is the most unpretentious type of lawn, neither shade, nor sun, nor drought scare it. Therefore, it is in great demand among gardeners.
  • The sports type of the lawn is intended, as the name suggests, for playgrounds equipped for sports. The grass of such a lawn is quite tough, does not trample and does not form bald patches. The arrangement of such a lawn requires a good and strong "substrate" so that the sod, together with the grains, does not break under the influence of sports shoes and stress.
  • The Moorish or meadow species of the lazy lawn is a vivid clearing of grass and wildflowers. The main difference between this species is that it is not just grass, but also a large number of flowers that bloom all season. The view is intended for those who simply appreciate the beauty of wild lawns. You can admire it, but not walk on it, otherwise the splendor of natural harmony and beauty will be violated.
  • Parterre or English type of lawn - a luxurious and uniform lush meadow greenery... It is usually resorted to when ennobling palaces and wild gardens, where a person's foot will not set foot. This is a purely aesthetic view, intended only for contemplation. You cannot walk on it and even more so you cannot jump. The grass is very delicate and capricious, it requires fertile soil, sunny and calm places.

Gardeners recommend sowing the lawn yourself and trying not to resort to the roll form. The explanation is very simple. Seeded seeds the site is more resistant to weather whims, the grass itself looks more presentable and lives on the site much longer than the roll type of lawn. Moreover, it is significantly more expensive than seeds and requires some skill when organizing a lawn.

When choosing seeds, always start from the purpose of the future lawn.

This is the only way to grow a proper and luxurious lawn that will not thin out and turn yellow ahead of time.

Site preparation for sowing seeds

Preparation of the site and soil for sowing seeds

It is better to start preparing a plot for a lawn in the fall. First of all, you need to get rid of all weeds... Weed the area thoroughly, removing the grass along with the root. Some people resort to the use of chemicals to get rid of weeds, but gardeners do not recommend this method. Hand weeding has always been more efficient and safer.

Having cleared the area of ​​weeds, you can start plowing the soil.

If the area of ​​the future glade is characterized by excessive moisture, it must be drained. The top layer of soil is removed and layers of gravel, sand and broken brick are laid in the resulting hole. The drainage is covered with soil. If you ignore this step, the lawn will not grow into a lush carpet, it will wither very quickly, as the roots will begin to rot from excessive moisture.

It is advisable to level the area under a lazy lawn. With large surface differences, there is a threat of rotting of the roots of cereals due to the accumulation of moisture in uneven places. The best option for growing a lawn is regular garden land and a flat, sunny place. Damp and dark areas are often not suitable for lawns, unless a variety is purchased specifically for such places.

Planting seeds

Planting seeds

In early spring, the soil is re-dug up and prepared for sowing seeds:

  • The soil must be compacted, but the topmost layer must be loosened. If the soil is too dry, gardeners recommend moistening the soil by spraying so that the soil does not erode, but slightly moistens.
  • Then, using a manual seeder, they sow the seeds... You can do this with your hands, but it will not be completely uniform distribution.
  • Later you will have to sow the seeds into the resulting bald spots.
  • Many resort to this method of sowing - the seeds are mixed with fine sand and sown. Thus, a uniform sowing will be obtained, the grass will sprout together.
  • The seeds of a lazy lawn do not require special preparation, they have already been processed by the manufacturer.

If you decide to decorate your lawn in the middle of summer, then it is best to avoid this. The seeds may not grow well, and the young grass will not have time to prepare for the winter.

Best season for disembarkation

Best season for disembarkation

Many inexperienced gardeners believe that a lazy lawn can be sown at any time, be it summer or fall. But it is not so. The best season for planting seeds will be early spring, and soil preparation will be mid or late September. During the growing season, the lawn will get stronger and gain strength for wintering, and if sowing in the summer, this will not happen. All work will be wasted and the clearing may freeze. If during the season the cereals have risen and grown unevenly, the next year, in the spring, sow the seeds on the bald spots.

So, the whole lawn in a couple of years will be covered with a thick and juicy carpet.

Sometimes the gardener wants to change one type of cereal for another. For example, I would like to replace the garden and park type of lawn with a pure meadow one. One would like to spice up a monotonous green carpet with bright and cheerful wildflowers. The replacement principle will work in the same way as when sowing seeds in bald patches.

The clover type of lawn will be able to quickly and reliably displace monoculture grains. Sow seeds in selected, less grassy areas in early spring. In the summer, a new type of cereal will begin to displace the old one. Next year, we can hope for a complete change in the type of lawn.

Care: haircut and watering


Lazy lawn care tips

Most types of lazy lawn require special leaving... In particular, this is a shearing of grass, watering and collecting garbage from the clearing, if any.

Lawn mowing should be done regularly:

  • The first grass trimming with a lawn mower should be done as soon as the length reaches 12 cm or more. Further, the haircut is done throughout the season.
  • The frequency of mowing depends on the type of grain. For example, an English lawn requires frequent mowing, every ten days. Wildflower and grass lawns are trimmed only in early spring and late autumn. Sports type of lawn can to process maximum twice a month. Always focus on the length of the shoots, it should not exceed an average of 10 cm.
  • Mowing the grass is imperative as it promotes thicker and more even growth. The exterior will always be well-groomed and the color of the lawn will be bright green. It also helps fight weeds... In a couple of years, there will be no weed at all in the clearing, the culture will completely replace it.
  • It is best to mow the lawn on a cool, not sunny day, but without rain. In hot weather, mowing the lawn is not recommended, as the tips of the shoots can begin to dry out and wither.
  • The last haircut is done in the fall, only two or three centimeters are mowed. The grass should be above average in length, this will allow it to keep the turf from freezing in winter.

In hot and dry summers, it is necessary to water the lawn using the spraying... A special nozzle is installed on the hose with water, it will not allow the soil to be washed away, but it will also moisturize the lawn well. Watering it is better to carry out after sunset, so that the scorching rays do not burn the delicate grass of the lawn.

Top dressing of a lazy lawn

Top dressing of a lazy lawn

In addition to cutting, weeding, and watering, you need to feed the grass on your lawn. Experienced gardeners recommend adding beneficial elements to the soil in the fall. It should be phosphorus-potassium fertilizers... Preparations containing phosphorus elements are used no more than once every few years. This kind mineral fertilizers stays in the soil for a long time, therefore its frequent use is not recommended. Potash elements are recommended to be used both in autumn and early spring, as they are very quickly washed out of the soil. One top dressing in September and before frost will be enough.

You should be very careful about nitrogen fertilizers.

If you want to achieve rapid growth of the grass, in the spring it can be fed with a nitrogen complex, but in the fall it is better not to include this element in the composition. fertilizers... Otherwise, in the spring, the lawn will grow slowly or will not move away from hibernation at all. Top dressing lawn is required, but it is not recommended to overdo it with complexes. Everything should be in moderation. In summer, fertilizing the soil should not be done. The lawn will be satisfied and saturated with all the elements it needs.

Lazy lawn, although designed for minimal care, in any case, will require attention. However, a timely haircut and watering - these are, perhaps, the only basic requirements for growing lawns. It is not difficult to organize a lush, green lawn. The main thing is to correctly determine its purpose, pick up seeds and periodically take care of the grown grass. Observing all the nuances of sowing and soil preparation, even a beginner will be able to grow a thick and luxurious lawn to the envy of everyone!

More information can be found in the video.

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User avatar Anna Semenova

It turns out I did everything wrong). My lawn is 2 seasons and it's just awful! It turned out in bumps, in some places they are bald, in others, on the contrary, thick bunches. And in the winter I left it higher, in the spring the grass lay like a film. Well, in general, I will correct it ...

User avatar Jdanov

Such cunning, this name is a lawn for the lazy ... To make a normal lawn in the country, it takes a lot of work and very active. My lawn was more or less formed only in the 4th year of active caring for it. It would be more correct to call it a lawn for workaholics.

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Some people prefer not to grow, but to acquire artificial grass, I saw that there is, it looks gorgeous by the way, but it also needs to be properly looked after, otherwise it will lose its appearance.