How to plant tulips in a pot: tips, secrets and rules

Tulips bloom very early in natural conditions. But many people want to get their first flowers even earlier. This can be done even at home. Moreover, in this way you can make the bulbous bloom at a certain time: for a birthday, Valentine's Day or Women's Day.


Preparing the container and bulbs

Preparing the container and bulbs

Forcing tulips can be grown in almost any container:

  • Ceramic
  • Plastic
  • Glass

The shape of the pots can also be different, high or wide. In this case, the planting scheme will be different. Experts advise to give preference to ceramic dishes. It allows air to flow to the roots of plants, the soil does not heat up so much under the sun's rays, and protects the bulbs from the cold.

A prerequisite for a quality pot is the presence of drainage holes.

Prepare the soil by purchasing a neutral or slightly alkaline bulbous mixture at a flower shop. You can cook it at home. Mix garden, leafy soil, humus or compost in equal parts. Coarse sand and peat are added. Instead of sand, you can take vermiculite. Bulbs are bought according to tulip varieties. They can be of the same or different flowering dates.

Varieties of tulips for distillation

Most often, simple early ones are used:

  • Christmas Dream red.
  • Christmas Beauty with pink petals.
  • Christmas Marvel crimson.
  • Christmas Star with pink petals edged with white.
  • Christmas Exotic pink.
  • Varieties of the Triumph group:
  • Gavota with yellow and purple borders.
  • Ben Van Zanten red.
  • Brigitta with red highlights on its yellow petals.
  • Bergamo with purple petals.
  • Flaming Coquette with white petals and pink strokes on them.
  • Golden Brigitta yellow.
  • Gander's Rhapsody with rose petals.
  • Whitney apricot color.
  • Alexander Pushkin, whose spherical flower consists of dark cherry petals, decorated with a white border.

Varieties of tulips for distillation

Terry early:

  • Margarita with red petals with a white border.
  • Abba is red.

Late simple varieties:

  • Atlantis purple with white border.
  • Baronesse pink.
  • Dreamland with pink and white petals.
  • Esther is pink.

Terry late varieties:

  • Blue Diamond with purple petals.
  • Foxtrot with white-pink petals.
  • Herman Emmink red with yellow border.

Darwin hybrids:

  • Oxford red.
  • Oxford Elite red with yellow border.
  • Pink Pearl with hot pink petals.

Novice gardeners are better off starting with simple varieties. Modern methods, the use of biostimulants make it possible to use for distillation also:

  • Parrot
  • Fringed
  • Giant
  • Liliaceae.

Tulip bulbs must be large, smooth, with a circumference of at least 12 cm. The radius in this case will be about 4 cm. Do not use material dug out in a flower bed. It will not produce quality colors. It is best to use Dutch bulbs. You can buy them at flower shops or well-known gardeners.

Conditions for growing tulips in a pot

Conditions for growing tulips in a pot

To the bulbs tulips bloomed with full-fledged flowers, they need to be cooled, that is, they must be led through the so-called D-point. At this time, a peduncle is formed from the deposit in the bulb. This takes several months. Time depends on variety, temperature and expected flowering time. In the process of forcing in the greenhouse, dry bulbs are specially cooled, then planted. Cooling is used at a temperature of 5 and 9 ° C.

In the first case, the bulbs are cooled for 9 to 12 weeks, then planted for rooting. The temperature is increased to 11 ° C for 3 weeks. A glazed balcony is suitable for this. After the sprouts appear, bring the pot into a room with a temperature of 20 ° C. The tulip will bloom in a month.

It is difficult to comply with these conditions in an apartment. But you can go the other way. The bulbs are immediately placed in the soil and placed in a cool place at a temperature of 9 ° C. Here cooling, rooting and stratification of the bulbs take place at the same time. After 3 months, sprouts appear. Place the pot in a room with a temperature of 18 ° C. After 20 days, tulips will delight with flowers.

One of the main growing conditions is to maintain a constant temperature.

Sufficient lighting... Daylight hours should be at least 10 hours. It is necessary to light up tulips after sprouts appear phytolamps or a fluorescent lamp.

Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. While maintaining a 5-degree temperature, the forcing process lasts 4 months, with a 9-degree temperature - five. But on the other hand, it is easier to calculate the flowering period, you do not need to change the temperature. Most often, the method is chosen depending on the conditions that can provide the plant.

Planting tulip bulbs

Planting tulip bulbs

For growing on the window, tulips are planted in a pot, the depth of which relates to the diameter as 5: 3. The roots will be spacious in it. An exception would be to grow a large number of bulbs together, for example for outdoor use. But the depth should still be enough for the development of the roots.

For large bulbs, the height of the pot when grown in one layer is 30 cm, for small ones 20 cm. In a pot with a diameter of 20 cm, about 5 bulbs are grown. Usually, the bulbs are planted in a pot in September or October, when grown in a five-degree way - in November.

Landing rules:

  • A drainage layer of fine expanded clay, charcoal, gravel is placed on the bottom of a pot or dish with holes in the bottom. Its thickness must be at least 5 cm.
  • Prepared soil about 10 cm high is poured onto the drainage layer. Lightly compact and set the bulbs so that they touch each other.
  • The top is again covered with a layer of soil, watered. In this case, the earth settles slightly, and it needs to be filled up.

More experienced growers grow tulip bulbs of various ripening varieties in one pot. In this case, early varieties are installed in the lower layer, followed by medium, and then later varieties. Each layer is sprinkled with a layer of soil.

The pots are sent to a cold place. In September, and often in October, it is quite warm outside. Therefore, they are looking for a place with a temperature of 5 or 9 degrees. You can even use the refrigerator by placing the pot in the vegetable compartment. So it will be convenient to get it out once a week and inspect the condition of the earthen coma. The soil may be too dry or moldy. Both of these options are not conducive to normal plant development. It needs to be slightly moisturized.

Tulip care

Tulip care

When it's time to take out the pot of tulips in warmth, set it in a lighted place. But direct sunlight should not hit its walls. Watered with warm water about 2 times a week, spraying is carried out, increasing the humidity in dry rooms.

When the buds appear, the pot is moved away from the heating appliances. Tulips are fed once a week with phosphorus fertilizers. It is not necessary to add a lot of nitrogen, because the plant will not build up green mass. The tulip blooms in a pot for about two weeks. To extend this period, they remove it away from heat sources at night, taking it to the balcony door or other cool place. During the day, the temperature should be around 16 ° C.

After flowering, they do not dig it out immediately, continue to water and fertilize once every two weeks. The bulb needs to prepare for the next flowering. Allow to stand until one sheet remains.Stop watering and fertilizing. They are waiting for the soil to dry out. Remove the bulbs from the pot, remove the old husk if it has fallen behind the bulb. Sorted by size, placed in separate bags and hidden until next fall.

The cultivation process lasts several months, in order to guess with the date of flowering, you need to correctly calculate the time of planting and transferring them to a warm place.

The bulbs planted in late October will bloom in February. To get a flower in March, plant it in December. Take out the pot in a sprouting sprout in a warm place gradually. First, it is installed in a dark room (you can wrap it up with a dark film) for four days. The temperature is kept at least 14 ° C. Then they are transferred to a lighted place or the film is removed. The temperature there should be about 18 ° C. They are waiting for the tulip to delight with flowering.

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It turns out that it is not so difficult to plant tulips in a pot and make a distillation by a certain day. The main thing is to plant it on time and keep it for several weeks at a low temperature. At the same time, the cooling period is different for different tulip varieties and this must be taken into account.

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And it's great to grow tulips yourself by March 8, for example. Maybe it's worth a try, but it's not that hard. It is not difficult to buy planting material, bulbs from Holland are sold everywhere.