Miracle shovel: the best models and rules of use

A shovel is considered a popular tool for agricultural work at a summer cottage. She will help and dig up the beds, and remove the roots of weeds, and loosen the earth. There are many types of shovels, but one of them has earned the name Miracle. Its functions are more extensive than that of an ordinary tool, and the economy of physical costs is much higher.

Among the gardening tools, the shovel occupies a dominant place. And even progress does not push the instrument back. Summer residents do not part with a shovel, although nowadays a lot of equipment is offered for processing the site. But it is difficult to use it for small areas. Only with a shovel can you process, dig up, loosen the place for the beds, flower beds.

This hard work takes a lot of effort and time. After it, the whole body hurts, but the spine suffers especially. Therefore, they came up with a modification of the shovel, an improved miracle tool suitable for all types of agricultural work.


Functions of the miracle of the shovel, its importance for vegetable growers

Functions of the miracle of the shovel, its importance for vegetable growers

Garden tooling innovations have resulted in a shovel that can:

  1. prepare a plot for planting horticultural and vegetable crops
  2. dig potatoes, beets
  3. harrow the ground
  4. loosen the soil
  5. destroy weeds

The value of such a tool for a summer resident is great. Indeed, a rake, a hoe, a harrow, a pitchfork, and a shovel are connected in one transformer tool. It will be possible to dig up the ground even on an average area of ​​land quickly, without much strain on the back. You will not have to constantly bend over, squat, the main load will go to your legs.

No wonder the miracle of the shovel has gained popularity among gardeners - the effect of using the equipment increases many times over.

Setting the miracle shovel to a certain depth of harrowing, loosening is quick and understandable for every summer resident. Thanks to the original device of the unit, it is possible to fix the working surface relative to the soil level, the handle at different angles.

Advantages and disadvantages of the tool

Advantages and disadvantages of the tool

As soon as the miracle is not called a shovel: the miracle of the pitchfork, and the miracle of the ripper, and the shovel for the lazy. But one thing is important that there are many different functions in the design of the unit. Therefore, the time and effort for excavating the site will take much less than using conventional tools.

The equipment is buried in the ground, leaning on a comfortable handle with the whole body, and not with one foot. And by operating a special lever, you can easily turn over a heavy layer of soil.

Speaking about the advantages of a miracle shovel, one can note its reliability, ease of use.

While working with a tool, a person does not feel fatigue, performing not only digging, but also harrowing the garden, turning roots and stones upward. Of course, unlike a simple shovel, such a miracle inventory is less maneuverable, they cannot dig in trees, bushes, prepare holes for a tomatoplanting pits apple trees, but for spring work in the garden, it is simply irreplaceable. There are enough models of miracle shovels created, but the unit can be designed by yourself.

Review of the best models of miracle shovel

Review of the best models of miracle shovel

Of the most popular types of agricultural products for processing a vegetable garden, one can single out:

  • The miracle of the shovel Plowman has many advantages. It is equipped with levers that operate the entire tool. With such an inventory, you can process a large area quickly and efficiently. In addition to digging, the unit loosens the soil to a depth of twenty centimeters. The blade width of the Plowman's shovel ranges from 43 to 55 centimeters.
  • The gardeners call a miracle a shovel of the Krot brand an excellent assistant. The equipment consists of a fork with a wide working blade, a small harrow. The design helps to raise the top layer of the soil, preventing it from rolling down. So the land in the garden is dug up and loosened up. The advantages of the model include the fact that the roots of the weeds rise upward, hence the conditions for their death are created. For an hour of work, three hundred parts of the site are processed with a shovel, loosening the soil to a depth of 25 centimeters. The only drawback of the unit is that it is used for processing areas with light soil; it will not work for stony, virgin areas.
  • The Farmer shovel miracle has extended functionality. Thanks to the adjusting plates, the vegetable grower can use the tool as a harrow, rake, potato digger, for cultivating garden land in autumn or spring. The working teeth of the gardening tools are 25 centimeters long, and they dig the soil with a shovel twenty centimeters deep.
  • In the super tool of the Digger, the width of the working blade can increase from fifty to ninety centimeters, depending on the physical data of the gardener. In this case, the weight of the product also changes. The inventory will save energy, time, spending the minimum amount of work on a large amount of work. In addition to the width of the blade on the unit, you can adjust the length of the handle to suit your height.
  • A miracle shovel Legkokop, in addition to an affordable price, has such characteristics that can help in digging a site, removing weeds, loosening the soil - and all this without heavy loads on the back.

All models of improved shovels have a number of advantages and advanced functions. They are especially preferred by the elderly.

Rules for the use of garden equipment

Rules for the use of garden equipment

Any tool must be skillfully used so that it serves as long as possible. The hand cultivator is based on the principle of a lever. By depressing the foot pedal, a person promotes the sinking of the working teeth into the soil. By lowering the lever with his hands down, the summer resident makes the earth layer rise. In this case, the soil layer is broken by opposing teeth. Without overturning the entire layer, the device loosens the soil without depleting its fertile layer.

A feature of the tool is that it can only work on wet soils. It will not loosen dry soil. The best time to use unusual equipment is considered to be the beginning of spring, mid-autumn. But too moistened soil is difficult to handle a miracle with a shovel. During the preparation of the soil for planting plants, large areas are dug up with a tool. In this case, it is necessary, having digged, pull it back to you. It is a pleasure to work on loose soil with a shovel, but on dry stony, clayey lands, there will be no sense from the device.

You should use a miracle shovel carefully, then it will serve for a long time.

Choose a tool depending on the type of soil with different ripper widths. They dig up soft earth with a shovel with a working width of 55 centimeters, and hard earth at 35. But a wide shovel will require a lot of effort from the summer resident.

Caring for your tool is the same as for gardening tools. It is kept under a canopy, protecting it from rain.For the winter, clean the teeth from the soil, wipe all parts of the structure with a dry cloth. You can lubricate the metal parts of the shovel with machine oil, saving it from rust.

How to make a miracle assistant with your own hands?

How to make a miracle assistant with your own hands?

It is not worth the difficulty for a craftsman to build a miracle shovel with his own hands. The sequence of making the tool is as follows:

  1. They start with the working part of the inventory, which looks like a pitchfork. Teeth of fifteen centimeters are cut from a metal rod ten millimeters thick. They are welded to the corner, slightly bending forward.
  2. The square frame is bent out of the metal corner slightly wider than the forks, by welding teeth to it, which are located between the working parts of the forks.
  3. In one plane with the forks, a U-shaped arc is welded.
  4. Connect the forks to the large frame with hinges.
  5. For the handle, take a wooden pole about one and a half meters long.

A simpler design of a miracle shovel is made from a bicycle handlebar tube fixed at the top and a bucket made of a sheet of metal. The blade of the shovel is welded to the base of the pipe, stepping back five centimeters from the bottom. To prevent the steering wheel from pressing on the chest, rubber tips are put on its handles. The simple shape of the shovel will allow you to drive the blade deep into the ground, easily turning the earth layer.

For innovators who facilitate agricultural work in their summer cottage, there is nothing difficult to come up with a design of a universal nature, to make it from scrap materials.

More information can be found in the video:


Goshia avatar

Indeed, a miracle shovel. I have never seen such a design. It is easy for her to dig and loosen the ground. True, its weight is added, so rearranging it around the garden will be a little more difficult. I will try to prepare the same shovel for work in the garden next year.

User avatar Ivan Sergeev

Now there are many different inventions that can greatly facilitate work on the site. But the main disadvantage of all these devices is that they break down quickly. Maybe I didn’t buy the best quality products.