How to properly plant seeds and seedlings in peat tablets

Peat tablets are widely used for growing seedlings... With their help, you can grow both garden and indoor plants. They are characterized by a unique composition, which makes it possible with their help not only to plant plants, but also to root leaves and cuttings.


The advantage of peat tablets

 composition and advantages

In its shape, this device resembles a medical pill, which is much larger. The composition of peat tablets contains trace elements and nutrients in large quantities, which has a beneficial effect on the growth and development of plants. With the help of this device, you can grow a healthy and full-fledged plant, which over time will give a good harvest or lush bloom.

This device is pressed crushed peat, wrapped in a net.

By using peat tablets, you will be able to provide the most suitable environment for the plant. When buying a tablet, its height is 8 centimeters and its height is about three centimeters. Swelling of the tablet is observed after the addition of water. At the same time, its diameter does not change. You can use a tablet for planting a plant only after it has completely swollen.

Benefits of peat tablets:

  • Fast similarity seed
  • Ease of use
  • Low cost
  • Saving space

Peat is characterized by a soft consistency, which limits the possibility of injury to the plant root system. Peat tablets are fairly well air and water permeable, which has a positive effect on plant growth. These devices are characterized by ease of use, which allows them to be used by people without relevant experience.

Using peat tablets, you can easily germinate expensive seeds. This is due to their one hundred percent similarity. When using tablets at home, the user can significantly save the surrounding space, as they do not take up much space in the room.

Peat tablets contain special nutrients, which ensure the fastest possible growth of seedlings.

Transplanting seedlings in peat tablets is quite easy. Plants are placed in the ground along with this device, which limits the possibility of stressful situations in him. Peat tablets are a unique device with which the growth of seedlings is significantly accelerated. They are characterized not only by a fairly low cost, but also by ease of use.

Features of use for seeds and seedlings

Using peat tablets

Many users ask how to plant in peat tablets? It is quite simple to do this:

  • Before using the peat tablet, it is activated. These devices must be placed in special containers. For this purpose, the most appropriate will be to use plastic cups.
  • It is necessary to place the peat tablet in such a way that the hole in it is up.
  • Next, the tablet is poured with warm water. For one unit of this device, 150-200 milliliters of water must be used.
  • After that, you need to wait a while so that the tablet is filled with warm water. This process takes on average half an hour.
  • This device can expand in size up to six times after absorbing moisture. If there is excess water, they are drained away. A cylinder forms in the middle of the tablet. A room is made into it seed, seedlings and any other planting material.

During the period of growing plants, it is necessary to carry out strict control over the germination of the seed. For this, peat is periodically moistened and the optimum temperature is maintained. Also, seeds and seedlings need full lighting. That is why when growing seedlingsif there is not enough light, it is necessary to install the lamps.

The placement of containers with peat tablets can be done in the house, greenhouses or greenhouses.

Using peat pellets is as simple as possible. With their help, you can save not only time, but also energy.

Germinating seeds in peat tablets

Planting seeds in peat tablets

Due to the presence of peat plants, gardeners do not need to use soil for growing planting material. This allows you to significantly save time on cleaning. Most often, these devices are used in confined spaces. In such conditions, you can grow seedlings as soon as possible.

Peat tablets are a nutrient medium that does not require additional fertilizing and the use of additional fertilizers.

Thanks to the universal structure of peat, the roots of the seedlings breathe fully. This makes the plants as hardy and strong as possible. Many gardeners only use these tools for growing seedlings, as they are very easy to use.

Thanks to peat tablets, the cultivation process seed is greatly simplified:

  • After the preparation of the tablet, a deepening is made in its upper part.
  • One seed is placed in the resulting hole.
  • On top, you need to put a small piece of peat and tamp it a little.
  • Watering seeds are produced as they dry out.
  • The seed tablets must be kept in a greenhouse or in any other room with good illumination and optimal temperature.
  • Before the first shoots appear, the seed boxes must be covered with glass.

Seeds that germinate unevenly are much more convenient to grow than in ordinary boxes or greenhouses... Those seeds that germinated earlier are taken out from under the film, and the rest are under it until the first shoots appear. After germination of seedlings, tablets with seedlings are placed in special containers with soil. In this case, the pill mesh can be left in place. It depends on what kind of plant is being grown in the tablet. Some plants are characterized by the presence of rather delicate roots. They will be hindered by the mesh for full growth and development, so it would be better to remove it.

If you follow the storage conditions for peat tablets, then their shelf life will be unlimited. It is necessary to protect the tablets in places that are limited by the possibility of moisture. Otherwise, the tablet will get wet and, after drying, will become unsuitable for planting.

The tablet must be wrapped in a non-woven material, which will ensure its integrity, and the gardener - convenience during its use.

Peat tablets are a versatile agro-industrial invention that greatly simplifies the process of growing seedlings and seeds. In addition, with the help of these tablets, the seed similarity process can be significantly increased.

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