Growing grapes at home is possible

One of the few plants cultivated since ancient times is grapes. Mention of him can be found in the most ancient records of almost every nation in the world living in the middle zone of the subtropical climate.

Previously, the cultivation of this crop was carried out in specially designated areas with favorable soil and suitable natural conditions. Today, the skill of plant growing has reached such perfection that it is possible to grow grapes at home.

To do this, you need to acquire suitable cuttings: in the fall, during the yellowing of the foliage, you should cut off the required number of woody cuttings up to 6 internodes in length. Then comes the process of preparing the cuttings for storage for the winter.

The cuttings are tied into a bundle with a nylon thread and placed in disinfected (scalded) coniferous sawdust so that all the shoots are placed in them. All this is placed in plastic bags, tightly closed. Only the tips of the cuttings remain open.

The best place for storing prepared cuttings is a refrigerator, storage temperature is from 0 to +2 degrees. During the entire storage period, cuttings should be checked for mold, deterioration of coniferous sawdust and blackened spots. All negative manifestations should be removed, the sawdust should be periodically changed, and the cuttings should be rinsed with a strong solution of potassium permanganate.

Growing grapes at home is somewhat different from soil planting. In February-March, the cuttings are prepared for planting. To do this, you need to clean them of sawdust, check for freshness and safety and immerse them in melt water for several days. After that, it is better to divide the cuttings into several smaller ones with 2-3 buds, since tall cuttings are not suitable for home cultivation.

Now you need to create a root system. For this, a substrate of coniferous sawdust is better suited. Cuttings are placed with sawdust in a plastic bag or container so that there is only 1 kidney on top, the rest is hidden by the prepared substrate. The substrate temperature should be 25 degrees. If there are no greenhouse conditions, place the container on the radiator and after 2-3 weeks turn on the LB-20 lamp over the grapes.

After the appearance of growth, making sure of a strong root system, the grapes are planted in specially prepared soil.

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In fact, you probably need to try very hard in order to grow grapes at home, and it is also desirable so that it bears fruit in at least a small amount.