Garden chrysanthemum keeled is simple


Why is keeled chrysanthemum so popular among gardeners? She is ranked among the annuals for the lazy. It is often found in garden culture.

What is glue chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum varieties are often moody, but there are varieties available to care for. The keeled chrysanthemum is a beautiful strong garden plant 50-80 cm tall. It has stems branching from the base. Usually formed 5-7 cm in diameter - large, on long, strong peduncles. Reed-type flowers are valued for their tricolor. Combinations are composed of white, yellow, and to the base of red, brown, bronze shades. The following can be said about the keeled chrysanthemum:

  • You can find paint mixtures - this is a very common option;
  • The best varietal mixture has semi-double variegated types of inflorescences;
  • The seeds of the variety are quite large;
  • Flowering time is from the beginning of August.

This variety is easily propagated by cuttings. It is good to take them from strong mother plants, it is customary to dig them out in the fall together with a lump of soil, and then they are well stored in the cold air;

The lateral branches of the rosette type are cut off at a height level of about 5 cm;

The mother chrysanthemum is planted in beds (6-8 cm), each can grow up to 15 cuttings;

For cuttings, the upper part of the plant up to 8 cm is needed, they should already have 3-4 leaves.

Chrysanthemum keeled does not require particularly difficult care. She needs moderate watering, preferably regular loosening. It can grow in shade, but bright places are still desirable. Then the keel chrysanthemum will delight with flowering for many years.