Planting petunias and growing seedlings

Flowers such as petunia attract gardeners with their incredible beauty, variety of colors and the simplicity that distinguishes them from growing and caring. Petunia is characterized by creeping or erect densely branched stems and sessile leaves of various sizes. Its flowers are large enough in size with a short peduncle. Some varieties of the flower have an extremely unpleasant aroma. The plant bears fruit in the form of bivalve bolls. As the seeds ripen, these capsules crack.

Most often, petunia is propagated by seeds. The most suitable timing for planting petunias is the end of winter (if you want to get early flowering) or the second half of March.

For growing seedlings, you can use either ready-made soil based on peat, or garden soil mixed with sand and humus. For planting seeds, plastic containers of at least 10 cm in height are often used. The harvested soil is poured into them, a small tamping is performed, and seeds are scattered on its surface without subsequent dusting with soil. Instead, they are sprayed, preferably from a spray bottle. After that, the containers must be tightly closed using glass, film or polycarbonate and placed in partial shade. In this case, the ambient temperature should be 20-22 degrees.

Over the next 5-10 days, regular spraying of the soil should be carried out with preliminary removal of the covering material. To accelerate the development of seedlings, you can organize its illumination with a fluorescent lamp.

After the specified number of days, if everything was done correctly, the first shoots will appear. For about one week, it is necessary to periodically remove the shelter from the seedlings to air it, and then remove it for good, placing the seedlings in a more illuminated and cool place. At this time, they need more frequent watering.
When another 2-3 weeks of active development of seedlings have passed, it is time to plant them.

When planning to grow this plant, it is important to observe the terms of planting petunias and the technology of growing its seedlings. Having spent some effort initially, then it will be possible to admire the magnificent flowers until the fall.