Flower hazel grouse imperial

With the arrival of spring, I want more and more loose flowers on the flower garden. But, most of them are of the same type, but I would like something new. The imperial hazel grouse flower is exactly what you were looking for.

This flower got its name from its inflorescence. Its inflorescence looks like the crown of the emperor, so they came up with a name. This flower begins to emerge from the ground with the first warmth. The branch of a flower sometimes reaches 1 meter.

The imperial hazel grouse is planted in the fall. This plant propagates by bulbs. Bulbs should be firm, dry and free of mold or disease. The hole for this flower should not be very large. Sand is placed on the bottom of the pit, and the planting is carried out in a mixture of manure and earth (1: 1). The bulb is placed downside down in the planting pit, after which it is covered with earth and watered well.

This plant tolerates frost well. In early spring, you should look so that the land in which this plant grows is always wet. In the spring, the imperial hazel grouse is fertilized with phosphorus fertilizers. Fertilizers are applied to the ground no more than once every half a month. After the plant has faded, its inflorescence should be broken off. This is done so that all the energy goes into the bulbs for the future generation.

Around the middle of June, the bulbs of this plant should be dug up. Yellowed leaves are a sign of bulbs being harvested. The bulbs are dried and stored in a dry, dark place until autumn. With the onset of October, the landing should be repeated. Successful reproduction of imperial hazel grouse and beautiful flowers.

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