Types of tulips

Tulips are flowers that can satisfy the refined taste of even the most demanding flower growers, because you can simply get lost among ordinary goblet tulips, not to mention the variety of their colors. But there are still Parrot, Lily, Terry, Fringed tulips ... Today, more than two thousand varieties are known, and according to the international classification, tulips have been combined into 15 classes.

Types of tulips

  • Early simple - goblet flowers of different colors, up to 30 cm high, are characterized by early flowering.
  • Early double - small flowers, the main feature of which is terry and warm shades.
  • Triumph tulips are a large, goblet flower on a sturdy peduncle, usually pink, red and yellow. There are also two-color ones.
  • Darwin's hybrids - tulips, up to 80 cm high, large flowers, large leaves, frost-resistant and resistant to strong winds, retain their decorative effect for a long time after cutting.
  • Late simple - flowers of various colors, bloom late, resistant to frost.
  • Lily tulips are delicate and graceful flowers with pointed petals.
  • Fringed tulips - the flowers are decorated with numerous outgrowths and sections at the ends of the petals - fringes.
  • Green-flowered tulips - a distinctive feature - green stripes in the middle of the glass.
  • Rembrandt tulips are tricolor tulips, very bright and variegated.
  • Parrot tulips are the most unusual and exotic-looking flowers: the edges of the petals, deeply cut, are twisted so that they resemble bird feathers.
  • Peony tulips - the very dense bloom of flowers makes them look like peonies.
  • Kaufman tulips are the smallest tulips, with a star-shaped flower.
  • Foster's tulips - similar to Kaufman's tulips, but slightly larger and larger in size.
  • Greig's tulips are undersized tulips with a large flower, bright colors.
  • Wild tulips are a modular class that combines many types of tulips.
User avatar Tanya Verbovskaya

Since I really love flowers, I could not deny myself the pleasure of growing tulips. I have them red with yellow edges on the petals. As I understood - these are Triumph tulips?

Foxi avatar

There are really a lot of tulip species now. When I started growing them, my eyes widened. Therefore, I planted several varieties, and then determined which ones took root best with me.

Alla's avatar

How many varietal tulips I have bought, in promising packages. I have not grown a single one like in the picture. I don't know what the reason is, but any grow, just not those that I bought))

I always plant tulips in my summer cottage flower bed and they are pleasing to the eye every spring. Of course, the traditional types of the usual colors of red and pink have been present for a long time. This year I plan to add early terry cloths to them, I like them very much.

AnnaAlimova avatar

I love tulips and they always grow in my front garden. I only supplement them with new species, more beautiful and unusual. Of course, I take care of them with special trepidation, they just don't grow by themselves. Proper storage of bulbs, timely planting, etc. these are all very important.