Fuchsia from seeds and cuttings

Fuchsia is a plant of amazing beauty, the popularity of which in Russia is increasing every year. Breeders around the world have bred about a thousand varieties of these flowers. Ampel and bush fuchsias are quite unpretentious and not laborious to care for, but they delight with their flowering from the end of June until the first frost.

Fuchsias can be grown both at home and outdoors, in open ground, in pots, hanging baskets, forming lush bushes or standard trees from them. For the winter, fuchsias growing on the street are brought indoors, where they wait for spring in a cool place.

Thanks to the obtained hybrids, fuchsia can bloom relatively early, about 4 months after planting, in addition, fuchsia from seeds has become available to flower growers.

To get abundant, long-term flowering when growing fuchsias, certain conditions must be observed. These flowers are thermophilic and moisture-loving, so it is best to plant fuchsia in a sunny or semi-shaded place, protected from the wind. Watering should be done regularly, but avoiding excess water in the soil. Every 2 weeks fuchsia from seeds requires feeding with complex fertilizers.

Fuchsia can be propagated by cuttings; for this, young shoots up to 20 cm long are cut off and placed in a container with water, avoiding contact of the leaves with water. In order for the roots to appear faster, special growth hormones can be used. On average, the root formation process takes 10 days.

Freshly cut cuttings can be planted immediately in the soil, but with this method, cuttings require additional heat, for which containers with flowers can be placed in a greenhouse.

Fuchsia from seeds is the most laborious to grow, but this process is interesting, moreover, literally in four months the grower will expect an excellent result. The seeds are obtained and the fruit of the flower, from where they are carefully removed and dried. Seeds are sown without deepening into the soil. Containers with seeds are placed in a well-lit, warm place.

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I just adore Fuchsia. This flower is not displayed on my windowsill. It used to be very difficult to root it, but now I use a couple of not tricky tricks and spread this beauty with ease.

I like fuchsia, it blooms very beautifully, but unfortunately my "friendship" with her does not work. I bought it 3 times already and every time it is attacked by a whitefly. I poisoned it with various drugs, but the flower eventually died. Very sorry.