Sweet peas on the balcony

A blooming and fragrant balcony is always a joy for the mistress of the house. Against the general background of the boring walls of the building, it looks like a bright spot left by the brush of a frivolous artist. Regardless of whether there is a lot of space in it or little, you need to approach its design with all seriousness. After all, each plant has its own disposition and its own needs. And we must make sure that the conditions allow them to grow and develop safely, delighting you with their colorful flowering.

One of these plants that is recommended to be planted on the balcony is sweet peas. This curly annual (rarely a perennial) has beautiful flowers and a pleasant aroma. He is sometimes finicky, but having an idea of ​​the basic care with his help, you can ideally decorate lattice balconies and other structures. Shoots quickly entwine the support and create a thick green mantle. This plant blooms long enough and abundantly.

Sweet peas on the balcony can be planted in early May. He does not like transplants very much, try not to damage the roots. He needs three things first and foremost. This is weeding, loosening and regular watering. Basically, this can be attributed to many indoor plants. Remove wilted flowers and leaves, and carefully tie the shoots. In addition, these peas are very fond of the sun and may refuse to bloom on a shaded balcony. So that the roots and the plant itself develop well, it does not hurt to huddle it and add a fertile substrate.

Treat the flowers with love and patience. Then you can create a real paradise on the balcony, in the house or in the garden.

Marysa avatar

I don't know what the reason is, but I have never been able to grow such flowers on the balcony. Probably, a strong scorching sun plus dryness, but they dried up at the initial stage.sad

Masmetall avatar

I now have petunias growing, but I have not tried to grow sweet peas. I have a balcony on the south side, and since the peas like the sun, I have to try it next year.

Strela avatar

My balcony faces east. Sweet peas (with petunias and nasturtiums) bloom well in summer. The main thing is that flower pots with soil should be large enough and, best of all, made of ceramics, then the earth in them does not heat up too much. For those who do not have a summer residence, decorating a balcony is a real "outlet" in city life ...