The benefits of green beans and cultivation features

Green beans is a unique plant that is widely used in cooking. This peculiar culture is very beneficial for human health. it is easy to grow.


Description of green beans

Description of green beans

Green beans belongs to the category of climbing bush plants that were originally grown in South and Central America. It is different from the usual beans the fact that its use in food is carried out along with the pods. Previously, green beans were sold frozen in supermarkets. Now it can be easily grown in our latitudes.

Green beans are characterized by a very pleasant taste and aroma, therefore they are highly valued in cooking.

The plant is very easy to care for, which allows even the most lazy and inexperienced gardener to grow it. To do this, you just need to adhere to certain agrotechnical rules.

Composition and useful properties

Composition and useful properties

Of beans soups, salads, stews, meat and fish dishes are prepared. Beans will be very useful when cooking them in a double boiler. Also, this culture is subject to boiling and frying.

This plant includes:

  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • Folic acid

Also, asparagus beans are rich in vitamins C, A, E, B. The composition of this plant includes fiber and protein, which is easily absorbed, which allows you to eat it during diets. When eating beans, the normalization of carbohydrate metabolism is carried out, which allows you to lose weight as efficiently as possible with the help of this product. Due to the presence of fats, carbohydrates and fiber in the composition of this product, human health is maintained.

When a plant is grown, no toxic substances are absorbed from the environment, which ensures a high level of safety during its use.

Green beans it is recommended to eat for people diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. This is because green beans are composed of the insulin-like substance arginine, which is used to lower blood sugar in humans.

The benefits of green beans are huge. If the patient has leukemia or anemia, then it is imperative for him to eat green beans. With regular use of the product, the formation of cholesterol in the human blood becomes impossible. If the patient has diseases of the cardiovascular system, then he is also recommended to eat the product. Green beans are able to stabilize the functioning of organs such as the gastrointestinal tract, liver, and kidneys.

When the product is consumed, excess salt is excreted from the human body.

Green beans have a huge number of beneficial properties, which makes them an indispensable tool in the treatment of various diseases. with its help, you can raise the general tone of the body.



This plant can be propagated using seed... This action is carried out directly into the ground in the spring. In order for the beans to germinate as quickly as possible, you must wait until the top layer of the soil warms up to 18 degrees.Before planting this plant, the seeds are soaked. For this purpose, you can use a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

Under charitable climatic conditions, seeds are planted directly into the ground. If the weather is cool, it is better to cover the seeds with plastic wrap. The seeds of this plant must be planted in the ground to a depth of at least 3-5 centimeters. If the gardener is planting pre-germinated the seeds, then they need to be slightly covered with soil.

For planting seeds, preference is given to a sunny and draft-restricted location.

Before planting the seeds of this plant, it will be best to apply fertilizer to the soil. For this purpose, potassium is most commonly used. Planting green bean seeds is quite simple. In order for the plant to fully germinate, it needs to provide the proper conditions.



To ensure the full growth and development of the plant, it must be provided with appropriate care.

  1. For this, it is necessary, first of all, to maintain optimal soil moisture. If this crop has a lack of moisture, then this will lead to poor development of the stems and a deterioration in the fruiting of the plant.
  2. Green beans hate weeds... That is why it is necessary to carry out timely loosening of the soil. Also, this procedure will saturate the soil with oxygen, which will ensure the highest quality development. green beans.
  3. When buds begin to form on a given plant, the application is made fertilizers... To this end, grooves are loosened parallel to the rows of green beans. The distance between them and the rows must be at least 10 centimeters. Fertilizers are placed in the grooves and covered with earth from above.
  4. After reaching the seedlings of this plant of ten centimeters in height, they are hilled. This procedure is carried out in order to strengthen root system green beans, and improve plant nutrition.
  5. After the shoots of this plant become 2.5 meters in height, you need to pinch the tops. This will lead to the cessation of growth of this plant, as well as to a rich harvest.
  6. Mineral dressing should be applied three times during the growing season of the green beans.

The cultivation of green beans is carried out not only for the purpose of harvesting, but also to decorate the site. When planting this plant, it is necessary to build a special installation. For this it is necessary to use trellises. In the process of growth, shoots of this plant will cling to them, which will make it possible to create a hedge from it. For the construction, you should not use a mesh-netting. This is due to the fact that it has very small gaps, from which the plant will be difficult to extract after drying.

Green beans are a versatile crop, which contains a lot of nutrients.

Cultivation of a culture is characterized by simplicity. To do this, you just need to carry out the correct planting of the plant. With proper care, the grower can get very good harvest.

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Alla's avatar

Green beans or asparagus are very tasty and healthy stuff. We plant it in our garden, between the corn and it weaves right over it, then it is very convenient to collect it, there is no need to untangle it.

User avatar Ivan Sergeev

Beans are usually planted along the fence, and they weave beautifully along the posts and wire. But I try to collect it green, because besides me, many birds that live next to the partnership love beans.

Lesya's avatar

After the beans covered my iron arches, I switched to growing bush beans. It is super productive, from 15 bushes we feed on two families and also freeze for the winter. And after it, the land remains fertilized with nitrogen.An extremely healthy and tasty culture.

User avatar Egorr

I regularly plant green beans and other legumes in my area. I do this not only for the sake of harvesting; next year, cucumbers and tomatoes grow well in the corresponding beds.