The most popular pumpkin varieties

Pumpkin is a garden crop that is very popular almost all over the world, or at least in that part of it where there are favorable conditions for growing this wonderful plant. Pumpkin fruits have won such love not only due to their excellent taste and a huge number of different dishes that can be prepared from it, but also due to their rather simple growing method and long shelf life.

All pumpkin varieties are extremely useful for the human body. They contain a huge amount of vitamins, and when eaten regularly, pumpkin has a fairly strong healing effect. Pumpkin is stored for a long time and with proper storage it becomes only healthier and tastier. That is why pumpkin is very often harvested for the winter.

If we talk about which pumpkin varieties are the most popular, then one of the most delicious, perhaps, can be called butternut pumpkin. True, its cultivation requires a lot of light and heat, so it takes root best of all in the southern regions.

Those who want to plant an early-ripening pumpkin most often turn their attention to pumpkin varieties such as Gribovskaya bush and Healing. Among the late-ripening varieties that are grown in order to create large stocks of pumpkin, which will last until spring, such pumpkin varieties as Gribovskaya Zimnaya and Slavuta are popular.

There are many other varieties as well, each of which is good in its own way, so choosing pumpkin varieties for planting is best based on the conditions in which they will be grown.

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Personally, I plant both early and late ripening varieties so that I can eat pumpkin at the beginning of the season and during the winter.

User avatar Wika

We always grow pumpkin in our garden every year. True, we plant the variety that we have to, however, we have never been left without a good harvest. I really like that the pumpkin is perfectly stored all winter and that you don't need to make any special efforts for this.

User avatar Alexey Bukatin

My wife and I plant a pumpkin not round, but elongated, as if from two halves. It looks like a jug. Her seeds are small, but she herself is sweet. The porridges are delicious.

But what about Butter Puff? It gives the best harvest in our country.