Terry godetia will decorate any gardener's collection

If terry godetia is located in a large flower bed, from June until the onset of real frosts, it will give a sea of ​​flowers, because it blooms unusually abundantly.

North America is considered the homeland of godetia, which gave the whole world these beautiful annuals. Godetia owes its name to the French botanist Goday, after whom this wonderful flower was named. The plant itself is herbaceous, with erect branched stems. Bushes narrow pyramidal or spreading, rather compact.

The graceful flowers of some varieties of godezia reach more than 4 centimeters in diameter, resembling the flowers of the best varieties of camellias and azaleas. The similarity is enhanced by the wide-open bell-shaped flowers with crimson, carmine and cherry-red spots on a light pink or white background. Plant height ranges from 25 to 50 cm. Many varieties of godetia have double inflorescences. Terry godetia will decorate any garden.

Godetia is completely unpretentious, practically does not require anything except sun and water, thanks to which it is rightfully considered one of the favorite flowers of gardeners. Godetia flowers are rich in shades. In nature, there are cherry, pink, carmine, crimson, orange, lilac flowers and all kinds of color combinations in the form of blotches.

Due to the many varieties and hybrid forms, terry godetia is found in flower beds more and more often. It has found wide application in landscape design, gardeners plant it in flower beds, in flower beds. Godetia looks great in mixborders and group plantings.