The sunflower is decorative, the flower is comfortable and stylish

Have you ever seen blooming sunflower fields? Tall, stately plants with large heads facing the sun evoke human associations in many. In general, a sunflower is an outstanding flower, because it also gives delicious seeds. But he has a relative, less famous, but also not deprived of beauty, and his name is decorative sunflower.

This plant, unpretentious to care for, is just a godsend for gardeners. Despite its stamina and vitality, it has many flowering robes. A variety of varieties allows you to choose exactly what you need for landscaping your summer cottage. Yellow and brown, simple and double, tall and short - for every taste.

Sunflower is a great rustic element. Peeking out from behind the fence, it attracts the glances of passers-by, creates a bright warm light around your home. Once sowing, you can forget about the plant for several years. It sprouts well (after 5-6 days the first shoots may appear), multiplies by self-sowing, does not need much feeding and watering. True, during self-sowing, maternal traits can be lost (the difference between double varieties), but this often happens with different types of cultivated flora. If the conditions of detention turn out to be suitable (maximum sun, minimum wind, normal watering), then the flower will look more presentable.

Sunflower is an ancient plant. It was first domesticated by the American Indians. If you cut it into a bouquet, it will stand for a long time, pleasing the eye not only on the street near the fence, but also on the table in the house.

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Ornamental sunflower occupies the main place on our site. We have many varieties, but the most beautiful is the black sunflower. And also plush, but it's a pity that he is undersized.

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I saw such a sunflower only a year ago - at first I did not even understand what kind of flower - bright, burgundy, like a sunflower smiley... It turned out he was. And where did we come from, I wonder - I had never even heard of him before. It is worth trying to plant - however, stylish and beautiful!

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I understand that in this case we will not see the usual seeds, which we are used to getting from ordinary sunflowers. Well, in general, the plant is really beautiful, you can try to plant it.

I would beware - there are decorative ones like Bears - undersized and quite suitable for flower beds. And there are monsters like the one that I once bought - the height is three meters, the diameter of the flower is 15 cm. Horror.