Impressive ampelous begonia in the photo. Caring for her throughout the year

In an effort to acquire an unpretentious plant that pleases with its flowering for a long period, you should take a closer look at the ampelous begonia. The ampel begonia in the photo belongs to a group of plants that are characterized by hanging shoots. A long-stemmed vase or hanging basket is best suited for growing them.

They bloom in mid-May and this period lasts until late autumn. If we talk about home ampel begonia, then in order for it to bloom profusely, it must be kept in a sunny place, and even better in conditions of bright diffused light.

This plant does not require complex maintenance. It grows well on light fertile soil with a slightly acidic reaction. Such begonia needs regular watering, which in spring and summer, when it is intensively developing and continuously flowering, should be abundant, and in winter it should become moderate. It does not need to be poured or dried.

Good growth and abundant flowering also depend on top dressing. In early spring, this can be fertilizers, which are characterized by an increased nitrogen content, and when the plant is in bloom, it can be mineral fertilizers intended for flowering plants. Two or three times during the summer, it makes sense to resort to organic fertilizers. But any fertilizers should be applied only to moist soil.

The most suitable temperature for ampelous begonia is 18-20 degrees, but due to its endurance, it can easily withstand 25 and 12 degrees if it does not last long. Indoor begonias are characterized by a love of fresh air; ventilation is only good for it.

The blooming ampelous begonia in the photo is impressive, but it is necessary to constantly remove wilted flowers and dried leaves.

Despite the fact that it tends to grow well, for example, on a balcony, it is still a thermophilic plant, which is very important to have time to bring home before the onset of frost. She easily tolerates winter, although it does not bloom, but does not lose its decorative appearance. At this time, it must be placed in the brightest cool place. The shoots that have stretched out over the winter are shortened at the end of February.

Thus, such a beautiful plant only needs minimal care so that it does not cease to delight with its beauty all year round.
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A friend of mine loves these flowers to plant in pots hanging in a garden gazebo. But she constantly nurses with begonia - then she feels bad, then she didn't like something here. But the plant is so beautiful that everyone is just jealous!