Pink roses in the photo. Rose care

Probably, every florist once faced with the desire to grow in his area any flowers with petals of a certain color, such as the pink roses in the photo. If we talk specifically about roses, then for any of their colors, they need a certain care, which involves the following.

Constant loosening of the soil around them, starting in May, but stopping it in July-August in order not to provoke their further growth. At the same time, all weeds are destroyed, the penetration of heat and air into the soil is facilitated, and water is saved. It is especially necessary after watering in hot weather or after prolonged rains when a solid crust forms.

The optimal loosening depth is 5-10 cm. If you loosen deeper, you can harm the roses, even with minor damage to the roots.

Mulching the soil surface around the plants. For these purposes, humus, peat or peat compost are suitable. This filling should be done in a layer up to 10 cm.

This will entail a decrease in the number of watering and loosening, along with an improvement in the physical and chemical properties of the soil. The most suitable time for this is spring, when all spring work will be completed, and the buds have not yet had time to open.

Provide roses with enough water. Otherwise, the shoots will stop growing, the leaves will wither and begin to crumble, the bushes will become not so decorative.

The need for water in roses is highest at the time of bud opening, the appearance of leaves and shoots, and after the first flowering, when new shoots begin to grow. For watering them, melt or rainwater is more suitable, which should not be cold.

It is better to water from a watering can, but without a spray. In the process of irrigation, which is not carried out in one step, 10-15 liters of water should be poured into the pits or holes around the bush. The frequency of such watering is about 1 time per week and depends on the weather conditions. From late summer to early September, watering should be stopped.

As a result of proper care, not only pink roses in the photo, but all other roses too, will delight the eye with their splendor.
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Ogorodnitsa avatar

I do everything described in the article regularly, roses delight. It is not clear why you need to water without a sprinkler? After all, they, on the contrary, love small drops.

User avatar Tanya Verbovskaya

I love roses! And by the way, I also always water them with a spray, they always felt good. Only when I pick these flowers do they wither quickly, maybe someone knows a way to keep the roses fresh longer?