Purslane flowers - a great option for a flower garden

Even the most inexperienced gardener will be able to decorate his flower garden with such a plant as purslane flowers. For decorative purposes, large-flowered purslane with creeping strongly branched stems reaching a height of 15-20 cm is most often used.

It blooms with single flowers, which are simple, double or semi-double, located at the ends of the stems. Their diameter is 3-6 cm, and the color range is distinguished by a rich variety of colors and shades. Its flowering begins in June. However, if the temperature suddenly drops to 6-8 degrees, it will stop blooming, freezing in anticipation of warm days. Flowering continues until frost.

It is characterized by fruiting. When ripe, the bolls open wide, so they are systematically collected at the stage of yellowing. The seeds continue to germinate for 3-4 years.

Purslane flowers have a number of their own characteristics, namely:

  • differs in thermophilicity and drought resistance;
  • endlessly needs sunlight: the slightest shading and its buds close (with the exception of terry purslane);
  • unpretentiousness in cultivation: it grows excellently on ordinary garden or garden land (sandy, dry, up to stony soil is also suitable), the only condition is its sufficient looseness;
  • minimal watering is enough for him;
  • does not need fertilizers, pest protection, pruning;
  • on excessively fertile soil, purslane is characterized by good growth, but poor flowering;
  • propagates by seed, but can be grown by seedlings.
As already mentioned, it finds its use in flower beds, including carpet. Rocky slides are also suitable for its cultivation. Purslane grows excellently in containers, flowerpots, in boxes placed on the balcony or loggia. It is used to decorate the southern slopes.


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A very showy plant. Even when it fades, the club still looks decent. And the fact that it is unpretentious is generally a godsend, especially for a summer residence, where there is no way to constantly pay a lot of attention to flower beds.

I grow seedlings to plant in pots. In the garden, just seeds, it takes a long time to sprout, but in general without any problems. But the problem is that the seeds, which are declared in five granules in a package of five seeds, are in fact just five pieces (!). In two cases there are three of them. It is not good to deceive ...