Delightful peony flowers in the photo. Proper care of them.

Peonies are perennials characterized by a wealth of beautiful luscious foliage and large flowers that exude a wonderful peculiar aroma. Peony flowers in the photo cause genuine admiration. And this is not surprising, considering all their existing diversity. About 5000 varieties of these flowers are known. They are terry, semi-terry, Japanese, anemone and simple. This classification is based on the structure and shape of the flower, on which the peony belongs to one or another group.

Among other things, the peony flowers in the photo are very often able to make you want to decorate your plot of land with them. In order for them to only delight their owners with splendor and beauty, they must be properly looked after.

The first two years after planting these flowers, care involves maintaining the soil in a loose state. In early spring, the cultivated soil is loosened and weeds are cut on it, which should be further removed throughout the entire period of plant growth and development. The depth of loosening the soil next to the plant should be 5-7 cm, and the distance to its stems should be 8-10 cm.

In order for the root system of the peony to develop in the best possible way, it is better to remove the buds that appear in plants planted a year or two ago. With insufficient moisture in the soil, it is necessary to water young plants at the root, without waiting for rain. The root system develops well under the condition of shelter, watering, loosening and mulching the plants.

In the third year of development, it is time for peonies to bloom. Watering and loosening the flowers becomes insufficient. Plants begin to need mineral fertilizing. The time of the first of them falls on early spring, the second - at the time of bud formation, and the third - a week after the peonies have faded. In this case, top dressing consists in applying the following fertilizers:
  • the first top dressing is nitrophoska or urea at the rate of 50-70 grams per bush;
  • the second feeding - phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, 15-20, 10-15 and 10-15 grams, respectively;
  • the third top dressing is phosphorus, represented, for example, by potassium sulfate.
You need to water the bushes abundantly (2-3 buckets per bush) every 10-12 days. In order to preserve soil moisture, loosening and mulching remain relevant.

Proper care will keep the flowers in excellent condition.

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On our site, peonies remained from the previous owners. But for some reason they bloom later than the neighbors, there is no effect of a completely flowering bush. And the stems do not seem to withstand the flower, they bow to the ground, although they stand at the neighbors like soldiers. What's the matter, who knows?