Lily of the valley care

Lilies of the valley are delicate flowers that everyone associates with the arrival of spring, they fit perfectly into any flower garden, beautifully stretch along the paths and around the gazebos, and intoxicate with their divine aroma. In fact, these flowers are not at all difficult to grow, because caring for lilies of the valley is quite simple. The plant is completely unpretentious, the main thing is to choose the right place and time for planting it.

Choosing a place

Since lily of the valley is a forest plant, it loves moisture very much, therefore, for a comfortable "living", lilies of the valley should be planted under trees or bushes. The shadow will not only not interfere with the plant, on the contrary, it will be useful for him. Naturally, the shading should be moderate, otherwise, the lily of the valley will simply cease to please with its flowering.
It should be remembered that he is also afraid of the wind, so his habitat should be protected by trees, shrubs or a fence.

Breeding lilies of the valley

Lily of the valley reproduces quite well and quickly without human help, and if it is planted, then it is better not to replant - he does not really like the frequent "change of residence".
It should be remembered that the root system of lilies of the valley is very well developed and thanks to it this delicate and cute flower can survive from the flower garden, and from the whole garden, all other "inhabitants", so its territory must be protected, for example, by burying slate sheets to a depth of half a meter.

Watering and fertilizing

In hot weather, lilies of the valley should be watered every day - the ground should be constantly moist.
You can fertilize the soil for lily of the valley with manure or humus.

Foxi avatar

Now it is clear why my lilies of the valley "supplanted" the mint that grew next to them. I thought she just faded ..

User avatar Wika

We, too, were convinced of the excellent ability of lilies of the valley to reproduce without any human participation from our own experience. For several years, they have completely populated the front lawn, which cannot be said to be small in size.

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Yes, and my lily of the valley pressed Elijah and settled down as a neighbor to other plants. It multiplies quite quickly, I have three varieties of it, differ in color and flower shape. This year there were enough three years and there was a massive flowering. Aroma stood in the garden !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!