Review of the "King of Beauty" tomato variety

The Beauty King variety was obtained at the breeder's station as the fruit of the labors of American scientists. Unusual appearance, excellent taste and inertness to late blight are the visiting card of the King of Beauty tomato. The outstanding qualities of the plant and the characteristics of cultivation are described below.

Tomato King of Beauty

Description of the variety

The peculiarity of the variety lies in the unlimited growth of the plant, which indicates that the culture belongs to an indeterminate species. The height of the bush can reach 2 meters.

Characteristics of the beauty rabbit:

  • growing season - 110-118 days;
  • external signs - a tall bush with large leaves and large fruits, the color of the leaf is rich green;
  • fruit weight - 180-300 g;
  • peel color - orange with red stripes;
  • fruit shape - rounded flattened;
  • agricultural engineering rules - standard;
  • the purpose of tomatoes is universal;
  • disease resistance - high;
  • the place of cultivation - under cover and in the open field;
  • yield - from 5 to 7.5 kg per bush.

How to grow seedlings

Sowing on seedlings is carried out 2 months before the transfer of young shoots to the beds (greenhouse or in open ground). But first, the seeds are sorted, rejecting specimens with an uneven surface, spots and signs of fungal infection. Often, the seed is infected with common diseases, so it is disinfected by soaking in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. You can also use special agents that are sold in a gardening store as a processing agent.

Reference! To increase germination and create protection against diseases, the seed is kept in a growth stimulator!

The soil for sowing is neutral. It is easier to use a ready-made substrate for universal use or special for tomatoes. Also suitable is the option of self-made soil mixture from sand, garden soil, wood ash, humus. A container for seedlings is selected with a side height of 15-25 cm. In the bottom part, there must be drainage holes and a drainage layer (for example, expanded clay).

In a moistened (not wet!) Soil, the seeds are buried by 0.8-1 cm. After spraying the soil over the sowing, the container is covered with a film or glass. In an environment of 23-25 ​​°, seedlings appear after 6-10 days. As soon as 1-3 leaves appear on the shoots, a pick is performed. It is desirable to combine this process with treatment with a growth stimulant (for example, using Pennant).

Important! Treatment of seedlings with a growth stimulant increases the immunity of the plant, optimizes the perception of mineral supplements.

The following factors provide the normal development of young shoots:

  1. sufficient lighting (the duration of daylight hours should be 8-12 hours);
  2. sliding temperature regime (during the day 20-23 °, at night 16-18 °);
  3. regular watering with settled warm water (you cannot fill the seedlings, as well as allow the soil to dry out);
  4. timely feeding and treatment with growth stimulants.

When conducting irrigation, do not allow water to enter the green part of the plant. Before planting on the beds, the seedlings must be hardened. To do this, the containers are taken out for 1-2 hours on the street. When growing seedlings and during the adaptation period, drafts should be avoided.

Cutaway Tomatoes The King of Beauty

How to grow tomatoes


The seedlings are transferred to the beds 55-60 days after sowing.When landing in open ground, the night temperature indicator should be taken into account, it should not reach zero. In the event of a sharp deterioration in weather conditions, it is recommended to cover the landing with geotextiles or foil at night.

Planting is carried out in prepared soil. To do this, it is dug up, fertilized with organic or mineral fertilizers and moistened. The beds are formed according to the scheme: 3-4 bushes per 1 m2. The hole is first enriched with wood ash and thoroughly watered. When burying growth, the lower leaves are cut off so that they do not come into contact with the ground. If the leg is high, this action is skipped.

Reference! When planting seedlings on the beds, nitrogen fertilizers are applied, which have a beneficial effect on the development and growth of the plant.


rules tomato care The king of beauty is not significantly different from the agricultural technology of other varieties. Periodic weeding and loosening of the soil is required. These procedures are usually combined to optimize the process. The neighborhood with weeds is fraught with fungal and putrefactive lesions, which actively develop in a humid warm environment. Aeration of the soil facilitates better penetration of nutrients and oxygen into the root part of the plant.

The irrigation mode is selected taking into account the type of soil. It is important not to let it dry out. Usually at the stage of seedling growth, double irrigation per week is used. As the daytime temperature rises, watering becomes more frequent to daily procedures. The soil should be moistened early in the morning or in the evening, as soon as the sun begins to hide behind the horizon. Only warm, settled water is used.

After planting seedlings, nutrient mixtures are introduced 2 more times:

  • before flowering;
  • during the formation of fruits.

If, during the period of green mass gain, there is a need for nitrogen fertilizers, potassium-phosphorus compositions are more suitable for the formation of ovaries.

The variety is distinguished by the intensive growth of the bush, so the plant needs a garter. For this purpose, high pegs are installed or a trellis is erected. The bush is molded into 2-3 stems. As the shoots grow, pinching is performed (sterile branches are formed on the sides).

Features of cultivation and possible difficulties

When growing the King of Beauty variety, special attention should be paid to the following issues.

  1. When growing seedlings, the main conditions are sufficient watering and daylight hours for about 10 hours. To create an acceptable microclimate, it is important to find the right place.
  2. If seedlings that have not undergone hardening are transferred to the beds, there is a high probability of their wilting.
  3. Irrigation should be done regularly, but the moisture level of the soil is checked before watering. Water stagnation should not be allowed, this is fraught with fungal infection and the development of rot.
  4. The plant is growing rapidly. Bushes not tied up in time easily break from the wind and under the weight of ripening fruits. Therefore, more often you need to inspect the beds, make a garter.
  5. The active sun does a lot of harm, tomatoes can get burned and simply wither. For protection, it is recommended to build primitive structures with light shading. It can be a special garden netting or chintz fabric.
  6. Despite the strong immunity, preventive measures cannot be ignored. All treatments should be carried out according to the schedule.

Diseases and pests

The beauty king is inert to common nightshade diseases, but preventive measures should not be neglected.

Serious problems are considered:

  • streak;
  • verticillary wilting;
  • top rot;
  • brown spotting;
  • fusarium wilting, etc.

For treatment and prophylaxis, special chemical fungicides and agents developed on the basis of biologically active substances are used. Popular ones: Ridomil, Quadris, Syngenta; Magnicur and others.

Are dangerous to the plant and pests:

  • slugs;
  • whitefly;
  • bear,
  • spider mite.

In the fight against parasites, the following agents are active: Confidor, Karbofos, Strela, Bazudin. Along with drugs, folk methods are used using wood ash, saline solution, infusion on tobacco, calendula, etc.

The nuances of growing in open ground and in a greenhouse

When planting a small amount of seedlings, it will not be difficult to organize the beds correctly. If the number of seedlings is estimated at several hundred, or even thousands, it is necessary to adhere to a certain arrangement of the bushes. Greenhouse options differ from the rules in open ground.

When cultivating tomatoes under cover, the following requirements are observed:

  1. constant monitoring of the degree of soil moisture, do not allow stagnation of water in the soil;
  2. planned ventilation is required;
  3. drafts should be avoided;
  4. planting scheme: the interval between the bushes is from 40 to 50 cm, the row spacing is 75-80 cm.

Important! Adult plants should not touch the branches of a neighboring crop, therefore, it is prohibited to reduce the recommended distances.

In the open ground, the beds are formed according to the schemes:

  • spacing in rows of 40 cm, row spacing - 65-70 cm;
  • staggered landing - 50x40 cm.

Free spaces between tomatoes can be planted with herbs.

Harvesting and application of the crop

Harvesting time begins towards the end of July. You can shorten the ripening period of fruits by a couple of weeks when growing tomatoes in greenhouses. Ripe fruits do not fill with a rich red color, an orange tone with yellow stripes is considered normal.

The application of the King of Beauty can be called universal. Juices and mashed potatoes are prepared from tomatoes, salads are rolled up for the winter, used in combination with other varieties to make pasta. You can also enjoy the original taste with fresh tomatoes. They give the salad not only a pleasant refreshing sourness, but also an original color.

Tomato variety The king of beauty

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

The beauty king is considered versatile as it is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Among other advantages of the variety:

  • distinctive ability to form ovaries;
  • strong immunity to late blight;
  • attractive and unusual appearance of the fruit;
  • the harvest is preserved for a long time without loss of taste and presentation;
  • tomatoes tolerate transportation well.

When choosing this variety for growing in greenhouses or vegetable gardens, it is important to take into account some of the nuances:

  • relatively low yield (in comparison with other varieties, the average figure comes out);
  • when growing tomatoes in Siberia or central Russia, the method with a shelter is suitable (in the open ground, young plants can freeze if they are planted on schedule, with a late planting, there is a high probability of getting an unripe crop).

Watch a video review of the variety:

Farmers reviews

  • Nikolay Vasilievich, Novgorod region

The King of Beauty variety has taken root in my greenhouses because of the decent taste of the fruits and unpretentiousness in agricultural technology. It is important for any farmer that the harvest is timely sold, while the presentation meets the needs of consumers. There are no such problems with the King of Beauty tomatoes, they are distinguished by excellent keeping quality, transportability. I transplant the seedlings into the beds with bushes, which are formed from 2 shoots. I keep the interval between plants at 40-50 cm.

  • Dmitry, Krasnodar region

The king of beauty cannot be called anything other than exotic. This is due to the unusual color of the fruit and their shape. In the open field I have been cultivating tomato along with other varieties for more than 5 years. On average, the weight of one tomato is 200-250 grams, but the predominant amount of the crop does not weigh more than 180 grams. I form bushes into three trunks. I consider the main advantage of the King of Beauty to be high resistance to late blight and other fungal diseases.

  • Valentina, Kursk region

I maintain 6 greenhouse complexes for growing tomatoes, have been practicing for more than 7 years. During this time, leading varieties have appeared, which I plant annually. Among them is the King of Beauty.The culture is ideal for a covering method of cultivation. The height of an adult bush reaches 160-180 cm, the mass of the largest fruit is 250-300 g. Preventive treatments against common misfortunes are minimized, which is explained by the high resistance of tomato to fungal infections and rot. The harvest is preserved for a long time, transportation is carried out without subsequent sorting, the fruits tolerate transportation well.

On the forums of gardeners, reviews about the King of Beauty variety are predominantly positive, which indicates a strong immunity and good adaptation of the plant to different conditions.

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Goshia avatar

An incredible speckled tomato, and inside it is the same kind. I have never treated seedlings with a growth stimulant to increase immunity. Will need to try next year.

User avatar Egorr

The appearance of the fruits of this variety is very unusual. It will be necessary to try to plant it, although I do not feel much optimism, I don’t use growth stimulants in principle, and the climate in our region is most likely different from the area for which it was taken out.

Lera1 avatar

This is a fairly sweet variety of tomatoes, and this is what I remember, once I bought it on the market. But they deceived me with seeds, I hope that next year I will get this particular variety.