Green potatoes - what is dangerous to health, signs and help in case of poisoning

Potatoes are the most popular among vegetables. It is difficult to imagine the nutrition of a modern person without this product. It has remained a staple on our menu for hundreds of years. But you can also get poisoned by the fruits of potatoes, if a poisonous substance - solanine - accumulates in them. Let's take a closer look at how green potatoes are dangerous for human health.


Reasons for greening potato tubers

Reasons for greening potato tubers

When potatoes are harvested, part of the crop is green. Usually these are those potatoes that have been on the surface of the earth for a long time. In some, the green spots are so pale that they are almost invisible. In others, the greens are clearly visible, since they completely affect the tubers.

Under the influence of ultraviolet rays, chlorophyll is produced in plant organisms.

This can be seen in the example of plant leaves. But in the fruits of the Solanaceae family, the formation of a substance also occurs under certain conditions. The processes of photosynthesis in potato tubers are started when:

  • During growth in the garden, the fruits are on the surface due to the shallow planting.
  • The harvested crop is dried in rooms where the sun's rays penetrate.
  • Solanine is produced from thoroughly washed tubers.
  • The vegetable is infected with pests, pathogenic microorganisms.
  • The fields were treated with a large amount of mineral fertilizers.
  • The vegetable is stored improperly in basements where there is a lot of natural light.

Under artificial lighting, chlorophyll is formed, but more slowly. For chemical processes inside the tubers, ultraviolet and infrared rays are needed.

The result of the greening of the tubers will be the accumulation of alkaloid poison - solanine - in them. It is dangerous to humans, and is found in vegetables belonging to the Solanaceae family.

Why are green potatoes dangerous for the body?

Why are green potatoes dangerous for the body?

It is believed that slightly green potato tubers do not pose a danger to humans. But this is not the case. If you constantly eat such potatoes, then there will be an accumulation of poison in the body. And this will lead to depression of the central nervous system.

Solanin acts negatively on the brain. It helps to change the composition of the blood, destroying red blood cells, which contributes to the onset of fever, dehydration. This condition can be fatal to humans.

According to studies, if 100 grams of tubers contains 40 grams of poison, then this leads to death.

Usually, up to 10 grams of a toxic substance is found in young potatoes, but as it is stored, its amount in the tubers increases.In the spring, the risk of poisoning with such a product increases. In case of mild poisoning, the body tries to get rid of the poisons. In this case, the person develops vomiting and diarrhea. Severe cases are subject to treatment only in a hospital.

Useful video on the harmful properties of green potatoes:

How to prune green tubers for human consumption

It is necessary to cook potato dishes when it is already ripe. When digging up young potatoes, they often feel bitterness, astringent taste. This indicates a large amount of solanine in the tubers. It is necessary to start eating the vegetable on time.

When a lot of green potatoes were dug up in the fall, this indicates that the field was poorly hilled, and part of the crop was on the surface under the rays of the sun. If the greens have spread to a quarter of the tuber, then it is better to throw it away. And small islands of greenery can be cut off along with the eyes.

It is desirable that the part remaining after cleaning is white at the cut or pinkish.

A strong darkening of the cut after acetic acid or ammonia was dropped on it, indicates a high percentage of solanine in the potatoes. Therefore, it is not recommended to eat it. It is better to play it safe, to remove green tubers from the dug crop, than to be treated for poisoning later.

Can green potatoes be fried?

Can green potatoes be fried?

You cannot cook dishes from green tubers. Fried potatoes, poorly cleaned of green spots, will not give pleasure, they will taste bitter. And after that, problems with the stomach and intestines may begin.

Eating fried potatoes made from green tubers risk causing cramps in the stomach and intestines.

The liver suffers from poisoning and fatty foods. The person is worried about nausea, vomiting, loose stools. If most of the potatoes were poisonous, then the poisoning will be severe. Then you need to urgently call an ambulance.

Does solanine break down during cooking?

Does solanine break down during cooking?

The solanine substance is characterized by the fact that it is not destroyed during cooking. It can only be rendered harmless by high temperatures of thousands of degrees.

Having boiled green tubers without peeling them off, you can hardly use them for food. They will taste very bitter. And the water left over after cooking will contain a lot of solanine. It shouldn't even be given to pets.

You can eat boiled potatoes, but well cleaned of greens.

The product is dangerous for women during pregnancy and lactation. You can not eat boiled potatoes in the spring, when a lot of toxins have accumulated in the fruits. They will lead to serious disruptions in the functioning of the body in the elderly and children.

Are green tubers suitable for planting?

Are green tubers suitable for planting?

Solanine in potatoes is a protection against pathogenic fungi, pest larvae. After all, poison also affects them destructively. Therefore, it is better to plant tubers in the field green.

For this purpose, the calibration of the planting material is carried out. The seed tubers are laid out in the light so that the production of solanine begins and sprouts appear. With this preparation for planting, the yield of potatoes increases by 20 percent.

Potatoes begin to calibrate one month before the start of garden work.

During this time, the tubers will accumulate the substances necessary for better development. The planting material will last better until planting. Greened tubers do not rot. They will not be damaged by rodents after planting. Green potatoes should not be eaten, but they are considered the best seed for planting.

Symptoms of solanine poisoning, danger to humans

Symptoms of solanine poisoning, danger to humans

Poisoning with the alkaloid solanine occurs when it accumulates in the body in an amount of 20 grams or more. After 3-4 hours, at least after 8 hours, signs of poisoning appear. These include the presence of:

  • stomach cramps and pains
  • vomiting, increased salivation
  • diarrhea
  • dizziness
  • ailments
  • shortness of breath

A person's heart rate changes upward or downward. The pupils dilate.With severe alkaloid poisoning, convulsions begin, confusion appears, up to its loss.

The danger is that the person may die. A child will have enough 2-4 milligrams of poison per kilogram of weight for the irreparable to happen. It is better to give up eating green tubers than risk your life and the health of family members.

First aid for poisoning

First aid for poisoning

It is possible to save solanine poison from the action if, at the first sign, measures are taken:

  1. First of all, while the ambulance team is traveling, the stomach is washed. They are forced to drink up to 5-6 liters of warm water with the addition of potassium permanganate or sea salt. For 5 liters of water, take 2 tablespoons of salt. After the victim drinks the water, press on the root of the tongue with a spoon, trying to induce vomiting. Washing is carried out two to three times.
  2. Sorbents will help to get rid of toxins: activated carbon, Polysorb, Smecta.
  3. With symptoms of heart failure, increased heart rate, it is necessary to give heart remedies.
  4. If the victim has lost consciousness and has convulsions, then it is necessary to insert the handle of a spoon into his mouth, wrapping it with a bandage or handkerchief. This will help stop the breathing disorder due to the spasm of the masticatory muscles.

When providing first aid, you can save a person with poisoning from death.

More information about solanine and its content in vegetables can be found in the video:

What vegetables contain solanine?

In addition to potatoes, solanine is found in tomatoes, eggplants, bell peppers, and tobacco. Therefore, it is not necessary to eat very overripe or unripe fruits. If the eggplant skin has turned brownish-green, and the seeds inside have darkened, then it is better to discard the fruits.

Solanine can be found in peppers when they are not ripe. There is also a certain percentage of the toxic substance in green tomatoes. As soon as they begin to gain milky ripeness, the amount of alkaloid is reduced.

The poisonous substance is found in nightshade, dope. Do not eat the fruits of plants, as this will lead to death.

You need to know about the effect of solanine on the body, how it is dangerous. And when using the fruits of the Solanaceae family, it is necessary to examine them for the content of poison. Green potatoes are often found on store shelves. Care should be taken when consuming tubers containing solanine.

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Lima user avatar

When I buy potatoes, I always make sure that there is no green. If I come across a slightly green potato, I roughly cut the peel, if I see greens under it, I throw it away. Health is more expensive.

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I never thought that green potatoes generally carry any danger to the human body. How to prevent greening of potatoes when growing, what should be done for this?

Goshia avatar

When I buy potatoes, I always look at the color of the peel and green I don’t take. If I come across several green potatoes, then I cut it off - this is the place if the affected area is small. If there are a lot of greens on the potato, then I throw it away.

User avatar Zemlyanika

We don’t eat green potatoes, but we don’t throw them away either, but plant them in the spring (if they live until spring). but in general, since childhood, I have heard that green potatoes are poison. And the taste is not edible. Even if you throw one potato, it can spoil the dish.

And 20 grams of solanine is how much potatoes are in pieces? I didn't know before that green potatoes are so dangerous. In our store, tubers with green sides are often sold, don't the sanitary standards apply to stores?