Chubushnik Mont Blanc in the garden - from planting to leaving

Many ornamental shrubs of various sizes are used in horticulture. Among them, the Mont Blanc mock-orange stands out for its bright and stylish appearance, as well as excellent characteristics for growing. When organizing the territory of the garden, the use of such a plant allows you to create interesting and beautiful landscape solutions.


Plant features

Plant features

Chubushnik Mont Blanc is an ornamental shrub that can be found in different gardens and as an element of landscape design. In its development, the chubushnik can reach 1.8 meters. Beautiful inflorescences have 3 to 5 small flowers that are located in the neighborhood. The flowers themselves are semi-double coated and pure white in color. At the same time, during the flowering period, the bush creates a spectacular aroma. strawberriesthat spreads over a long distance.

In horticulture, the shrub can be used both in the form of single plantings and for creating compositions of different sizes. It is often used to decorate the foreground of various compositions. With the help of the shrub, you can create continuous compositions that allow you to create original hedges... In its development, the Mont Blanc mock-orange does not reach a great height - it usually grows in an illuminated place and grows to about 1 meter. If you plant a bush in the shade, then in an effort to reach the sun's rays, the plant can stretch up to 2 meters.

When the first shoots appear chubushnik they have a characteristic pubescence. Shoot bark is brown and has small scales. The leaves are small and up to 4 cm long. The edges are slightly serrated. The resulting inflorescences are small and formed in small groups.

Mont Blanc is very popular among gardeners.

It, together with the varieties, belongs to the class of upright plants that are suitable for growing in different conditions. In the process of development, the shrub is covered with dense bark and fits perfectly into any landscape.

There are shrubs of different sizes to choose from:

  • A dwarf variety measuring up to 0.7 meters in size.
  • Medium-sized bushes.
  • Large bushes, which in some cases grow up to several meters in height.

The texture of the leaves can be double or semi-double, which determines their pleasant appearance. The beautiful flowering of plants only lasts for a few weeks.

Growing conditions

Growing conditions

Chubushnik Mont Blanc is recommended to be planted in sunny and slightly dark places. The shrub is generally unpretentious and its cultivation does not require much effort from the gardener.

The optimal choice of a place for growing shrubs is areas with rich soils that do not lack watering. During cultivation should be applied organic and mineral fertilizersthat have a beneficial effect on the structure of the plant.

In the process of active growth, drought and lack of moisture should not be allowed - this has a depressing effect on the development of the bush and limits the formation of flowers.

In the frosty period, the shrub retains its structure and is quite resistant even to low temperatures and the absence of snow cover. When growing a Mont Blanc mock-orange, a specialized systematic sanitization is required. This serves as a guarantor of the safety of the plant and the stable growth of the shrub. In addition, branches are periodically pruned to stimulate the growth of new shoots.

Reproduction methods

Reproduction methods

For reproduction of the shrub Mont Blanc, several methods are used that are standard for garden plants. When choosing a specific option, you should take into account the desired result and the possibilities for growing:

  1. Seeds. This method is rarely used because it takes a long time to form a strong bush. In addition, the choice of seeds and their correct planting is a serious problem. Germination is quite low and it is difficult to get the desired result. However, among gardening enthusiasts, there are specialists who strive to grow the shrub from the very beginning.
  2. Using cuttings for growing. This way you can get viable seedlings with minimal effort. It is important to choose strong cuttings and provide them with comfortable conditions for development.
  3. Layers. This option is best suited for the development of an existing shrub planting. In early spring, almost at the onset of the period of sap movement, you need to peel several branches of the bark and pin them to the ground. This forms a branch, which will lead to the formation of a new separate bush.
  4. Division... This option is used when the bush is aging. Upon reaching 5-6 years, the bush becomes very rough and new shoots are very difficult to form on it. Therefore, the gardener can dig up the bush and divide it into several parts, which are planted again.



Chubushnik Mont Blanc requires a minimum set of actions before planting in the ground. It is necessary to choose a place where there will be a sufficient supply of light and fairly dry soil. Depending on the design idea, of which the shrub becomes an integral part, the distance between the seedlings can be different, starting from 1 meter.

The distance between the seedlings and the walls of the pit should be accurately maintained. The optimal value for this parameter is 10 centimeters. The prepared pit is filled with fertile soil. The selected mixture is also added to the prepared mixture. mineral fertilizer so that the plant at the initial stage has a sufficient amount of nutrients for development. Often, nitrophoska is used for this, which the plant readily accepts. The nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus available in the mixture are necessary bushes for growth and consolidation in a new place.

During planting, the root collar is deepened by about 3 centimeters.

Around the planted plant, the earth is carefully compacted, which is subsequently watered abundantly. In order for the bush to form a sufficient number of branches in the future, it is necessary to slightly cut off the shoot when strengthening the seedling in place. In the future, after the correct planting of the bush, Mont Blanc mock-orange does not require more serious action. The set of mandatory procedures is standard - watering, pruning, top dressing.

Care Tips

Care Tips

Caring for a shrub is not particularly difficult, but just like for any type of plant, it requires strict adherence to certain rules and regulations:

  • The soil above the root system must be mulched. For this process, the following elements are used: fallen leaves, needles, compost, trimmer hay, chopped bark.
  • Carefully follow the rules for watering the shrub. It is optimal to combine watering with feeding with herbal mixtures. Abundant watering is carried out during the period of active growth - from spring to autumn. It is recommended to pre-settle the water for irrigation, which ensures its natural purification.Also, the water for irrigation should be soft and warm - this way the plant receives moisture, which is easier for assimilation. Chubushnik mont blanc prefers high humidity, therefore, during the care process, it will take a lot of effort to water the plant. It is also recommended to spray the foliage and not only during the flowering period, but also during active growth.

During development, it is important to periodically prune branches. They are divided into several types:

  1. Sanitary pruning - designed to remove damaged branches that are holding back the entire bush.
  2. Formative pruning is done for decorative purposes to create the desired images and landscape elements.
  3. Anti-aging pruning is designed to remove old branches and make it easier for new shoots to form.

After planting, wait 1 year before starting feeding.

Diseases and pests

Diseases and pests

Chubushnik Mont Blanc is susceptible to attack by pests such as spider mites and aphid... Also, leaf weevils can often develop on the bush. It is important for the gardener to remove these insects in a timely manner in order to preserve the structure of the leaves and avoid oppression of the shrub.

To combat the tick, fufanon is used, which is sprayed on the bushes. Aphids are removed using infusion from potato tops. And to effectively eliminate weevils, it is enough to shake them off the branches and spray them with the same fufanon.

This plant allows you to decorate the garden and create unusual plant structures.

The bush can often be seen as a hedge of varying sizes and lengths. Also, gardeners love to plant bushes next to gazebos and resting places - during the flowering period, they emit an amazing aroma and create a wonderful atmosphere.

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