Propagation of cyperus by cuttings and dividing the bush

Cyperus (the second name for cyperus is papyrus) is a perennial plant with herbaceous stems with closely spaced nodes at the top. Reproduction of cyperus occurs by cuttings, dividing a bush or seeds.

Propagation of cyperus by cuttings of stems (April - May)

To do this, cut off the top of the stem 15-20 cm long and put it with the cut up (umbrella down) on a prepared pallet with wet vermiculite. The shank must be fixed so that the umbrella is quite tightly attached to the vermiculite. It is more convenient to use three cuttings at once. Not far from the cut, the cuttings need to be tied up, and the umbrellas should be placed on vermiculite in the form of a pyramid to make a stable structure.

It is advisable to put the pallet in a plastic bag, the neck of which is tied up. It will turn out to be a kind of mini-greenhouse. Cyperus will take root in bright diffused light, temperature + 22 + 25 degrees and humidity 100%. Young plants are formed in 3-4 weeks.

After that, they need to be separated from the mother cuttings, seated in small pots, and ensure 100% humidity for another 2-3 weeks. They take care of it like an adult plant, only you need to feed it with fertilizers with a 50% concentration of that recommended for an adult cyperus.

Reproduction of cyperus by dividing the bush (March-June)

The plant must be removed from the pot, removing excess soil, cut into several pieces and planted in pots. For the first week, it is desirable for plants to provide 100% moisture. Further care is carried out as for an adult plant.