Provence style cottage: the best decor ideas

It is necessary to approach the design of a summer cottage taking into account the fact that in the summer all family members of different ages will spend most of their time. And here, outside the city, I want to take off the shackles of snobbery, live in a modest atmosphere in the bosom of lovely nature. A skillfully chosen style of decor will allow you to relax, breathe freely.

A province in the southern regions of France, Provence attracts not only with its welcoming climate, but with a design with an exciting village smell, a little rough, but not devoid of faded aristocracy. You can create a simple, cozy corner in the country without spending any special money, just give free rein to your imagination.


Basic rules, features of the Provence style

Basic rules, features of the Provence style

Some rules will help create the spirit of the province, the village:

  1. The landscape of the territory should be distinguished by a cozy carelessness, neglect. Everything grows as if by itself, but it only seems. The seating system must be followed in accordance with the style.
  2. For the decoration of houses, the site uses only natural materials - wood, stone. If for the owner of the dacha their use will be an expensive pleasure, then you can get by with tiles, concreting, imitating naturalness.
  3. In buildings, they prefer rough, uncouth logs, uneven ceilings, oblique corners.
  4. The design uses antique furniture or specially aged furniture, copper and ceramic jugs, clay pots, linen materials on pillows, curtains.
  5. Constructions in the country are painted in contrasting colors. Against the background of black or dirty gray color of benches, tables, coasters, red, yellow, blue, green, lavender tones shine even brighter.
  6. A feature of the provincial garden in the French style will be antique fountains, laid out of rough stone, many places for relaxation in the form of pavilions, benches.

Planting plants like in the country estates of France

Planting plants like in the country estates of France

The main place in the garden should be occupied by an area with fruit trees. They can be planted along a white-painted fence. From different fruiting apple trees, pears, peaches can be built with palmette. By regularly pruning the crown of trees, they ensure that the branches stop growing upward. Branched tiers of side branches connected in the form of an arch are obtained, located on oppositely growing trees.

A mandatory requirement for a Provence-style garden is a mixture of different shades, aromas of a sunny summer.

Of the bushes, they prefer planting olives, myrtle, viburnum... These plants are not afraid of drought, give a pleasant aroma to the garden. Annuals and perennials of different colors are planted on flower beds that do not have boundaries, but smoothly flow into one another: beige, pink, purple, white. Flowers with light shades are placed in the middle, and bright inflorescences are placed along the edge. Preference is given to geraniums, lavender... Flowers are planted in clay pots, flowerpots, and wicker baskets all over the site.

Climbing plants are given a place near the terrace, gazebo. Scourge grapes, wisteria, roses can wrap around trellises, pergolas.Under the windows of the summer kitchen, you can place a small vegetable garden surrounded by a low wattle fence, planting greens and spicy herbs on it. It is good to inhale smells in the evenings rosemary, sage, parsley, dill!

Garden decor decoration

Garden decor decoration oration of the territory of the garden plot should be in accordance with the chosen style:

  • A light romantic mood will be created by snow-white benches, next to which there will be clay pots or low round barrels made of wood with fragrant flowers of a gentle tone.
  • Terracotta paths to the house can be decorated on the sides with arch-like frames - pergolas. Trellises entwined with ivy along a rocky wall will look good. They will keep cool, shade on hot summer days.
  • Small fountains made of cobblestone will also become a decoration of the garden. They will help increase the humidity in the air during hot summers. They can be replaced with artificial reservoirs, the banks of which are decorated with shards of ceramic dishes painted to match the garden.
  • Garden furniture, better wicker, will fit well into the interior of the summer cottage. An old sofa or armchair with soft pillows is suitable for relaxation.
  • Narrow, winding paths made of large pebbles or rubble will mentally transfer you to distant Provence.

Any detail of the garden in the village tradition must be thought out.

Provencal interior in the terrace, gazebo of the site

Provencal interior in the terrace, gazebo of the site

Elevated terraces made of stone are another important part of the garden. It is better to climb the hill by stone steps, slightly cracked, and so that the walls of the hill do not crumble, they are propped up with rough masonry. Plants also play an important role in strengthening the earthen walls - grapes, vegetables... Climbing plants look especially interesting next to the masonry.

The recreation area in the country house is represented by gazebos, which can be open or closed.

In the resting places made of stone, a fireplace is placed, near which they while away the time on autumn evenings on a comfortable sofa. On the walls of the gazebo there are old ceramic plates, on the floor and on the stands there are copper jugs, antique candlesticks. On the windows there are linen curtains trimmed with natural lace or embroidery.

In summer, an open type of room is preferable, where there is a sofa or rocking chair with a blanket. And for meeting guests - a barbecue near a simple, roughly carved rustic table with benches. The gazebo will be decorated with climbing roses, loach. Nearby, round flower beds made of stone will complement the rustic picture.

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I did not know that uneven ceilings and oblique corners can be attributed to the Provence style. Now, when they tell me something about the renovation, I will definitely say that my house was renovated in this style.